What kind of Fish eat Leeches?

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I am thinking about creating a large pond in our yard and do leeches go in the pond or are they created some how? And can guppies and Koi's survive together? i have 200 guppies ...show more
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  • J M answered 6 years ago
Guppies are warm water tropical fish. So unless you live where the water never gets below 75f, forget the guppies.
They don't go with koi anyway.
Koi need cold water. My pond is frozen over right now. (small hole in the ice kept open by my pump.) And they do fine.

30koi???? That's a lot! For a fish that can grow several feet long, you'd need a huge pond. 100 gal per fish? There abouts depending on how good your filter is.

Leaches, well any open water is subject to any number of aquatic parasites. Most come with the fish, or more likely the live plants. But even a passing bird can drop something into the water.
I've never once seen a leach on a fish though. And no, fish (at least not yours) won't eat leaches. You probably wouldn't want to soak your feet in the pond. Leaches will happily suck on skin.

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  • Jimmy answered 6 years ago
    Umm leaches dont just come out from nowhere unless you put some in yourself.... and how big is your pond going to be anyways?
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  • ???? answered 6 years ago
    i am not sure about leeches.
    ask the people here...

    explore the site and ask experts for free.

    also i believe the kois will eat the guppies.
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