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Does Hillary still think stay at home moms "stayed home and baked cookies and had teas"?

The quote from 1992 is:

"I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession."

Does she still really think this is what stay at home mothers do with their time?

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    Wow, I researched this quote to discover what context it was said in, and I kind of wish I hadn't. She was responding to allegations relating to the Arkansas ethics and disclosure law of 1992. This was a law backed by Governor Clinton which would have required all public servants to file a report every time they took an action or made a decision that might affect their families' personal finances. What was revealed in a New York Times piece is that Governor Clinton and his advisers reportedly altered the law before it was put to the vote so that the governor and a number of other public officials would be exempted. Why you ask? Simple: Bill was funnelling money through his wife's law firm for state business. See any conflict of interest? See any opportunities for corruption and graft?

    So on to the quote itself. Hillary was at the time a practicing attorney as well as Arkansas first lady. She was trying to paint the picture that she had a life of her own before her husband was elected governor, and she wanted to keep it instead of becoming a decoration. I don't think she was implying that ALL stay at home moms did that, I think she was implying that that is what SHE would have done if forced to stay at home in the Arkansas governor's mansion. It drives home the point that she could continue with her vibrant career that gave her meaning, or become a useless accessory to her husband. If all stay at home mothers had access to a chef, chaueffer, gardener, etc. like she did then it would have had more universal implications.

    I truly hate defending Hillary in any way, but I think that quote wasn't exactly taken in context and was misapplied. That said, it still doesn't change the fact that she was trying to take the offensive in a case involving some pretty shady finance issues.

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    I would say a lot of stay at home moms did that. Especially the ones in her financial class. Anyway, I really don't care about a 16 year old comment. What is the relevance?

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    What a loser. All the working class moms that I know can't afford to stay at home. Everything that she has done and said will come back to haunt her. This is a mild statement compared to those that have been close to her and are still alive. Check out these videos!

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    keep in mind the pot laced truffles? properly her cookies may be the comparable that's why she ought to no longer keep in mind the place she positioned the the fox regulation enterprise papers and land and livestock bargains. Then at some point while it wore off and that they regarded like magic or magic mushrooms.

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    She didn't then, maybe you had to understand the times she and I grew up in, where you had to be Miss Apron mom, and working wives were working because their husbands couldn't afford to have them stay home. Its come full circle now, but we grew up in different times.

    I did stay home, and bake cookies, nothing wrong with that.

    She didn't, nothing wrong with that either.

    Why try to drive the same old wedge between stay at homes and go to work moms?

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    Hilliary thinks the moms who stayed at home were the villiage that would and do raise other working moms children. They were just too busy finding themselves to stay home and raise their own.

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    I think she glamorized stay at home moms if you asked me. What they really do is far more boring and unproductive.

    I definitely see where she's coming from. I would hate to be one.

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    I imagine she thinks they have pretty boring lives, they don't all have husbands that cheat on them.

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    Yeah they have gone modern.

    Watch desperate housewives.

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