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What about Julius Erving? Why doen't anyone show any love?

Why ain't nobody say Julius Erving? the greastest ever.

Yak all you want 'bout Jordan this and Jordan that, but I'll have Doc's grace and style anyday. When it all comes down to it, Julius Erving can send chills. And, It is how you as an individual, has chaged the game. Doc has done that like no other player in history. He was in his prime when he wasn't even on TV. Where would Jordan be without the publicity? Nowhere, that's were. And when he finally made it to the NBA, he still had enough juice to change the game, and get one championship. He has done what no player can do or has done since he retired in 1987. He left the game with something Jordan only wishes he had. Julius ended his carrer with more staggering numbers than any other player in history: over 30,000 points and 1,000 assits and 5,000 rebounds the only other player to mass those numbers were Karrem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlian. We can agree that Doc was WAY more amazing than those players.


He was a two time ABA champion (1974, 1976) and three time ABA MVP (1974, 1975, 1976), NBA champ (1983) and NBA MVP (1981) and two time All-Star game MVP (1977, 1981) Four time NBA Finalist (1977, 1980, 1982, 1983) and the very first slam dunk champion (1976)

All hail the mighty Doctor J.

Update 2:

Yamanziz, What in hell's hitchen were you thinking? You HAVE to be fried! Like chicken! (I'm actually kind of jealous) Jordan more graceful? Do you know the definition of grace? In Webster's Dictonary I looked up grace and right under Julius' picture it says: elegance or beauty in form. June, had way more elegance than Micheal. If you ask me Micheal is the hard one, Julius was all 'bout grace. How can you acheive beauty if your jumping around, yelling and screaming, dancing, showing off. Julius had nothing to do with that, he never uttered a single foul word. After every spectacular, amazing dunk, he just turned right around - it was time to play defence. Micheal was a herky-jerky contortanst next to the Doc. Micheal marketed himself the greatest. People tend to believe what they see on TV. I agree that Micheal Jordan is one of the top 5 greatest, and he represents everything that basketball is, but Julius Erving represents everything basketball SHOULD be.

Update 3:

I almost forgot about Dave, man. If championship is all you care about then, shouldn't Bill Russell be the greatest not Micheal? Are you reallly a basketball fan? Julius should've had 4 NBA rings to go with his ABA jewelry. In 1977, his Sixers lost to Bill Walton's Blazers because they had terrible chemestry and a terrible coach (Gene Shue). In 1980 and '82 he lost to the Showtime Lakers because LA had H.O.F. Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy. Julius Erving's teammates consited of Jack Crap Nobody. In 1983 Philadelphia aquired Moses Malone and swept the Lakers 4-0. Plus, they only lost one single post-season game. It wasn't Doc's talent that gave him the Playoff blues, it was his bad luck. There's more to the NBA than just 'chips, man.

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    Dr. J is definetley one of the greatest of all times in my book. But anyone who follows basketball knows that his best years were in the ABA. High flying, above the rim acrobatics, made him a stud in the ABA league. though he was great in the NBA also, His prime younger years were spent in the ABA. With that said, Doc still never accomplished as much as MJ in this league. MJ took what Doc was known for, and perfected it even more. And you want to talk about style and grace, MJ was the smoothest most graceful player ever; like poetry in motion. The scoring titles, championships, all devensive teams, leadership, shoe deals; MJ has done it all. Though the Doc was great, he still falls short of MJ, Wilt, Magic, Bird and Russell on my list of all time greats. but the Doc does get that 6th spot in the GOAT list. But MJ was a better shooter, more clutch, a better defender, more explosive, and a better dunker. Yes I said a better dunker. The Doc had harder dunks, but MJ was more graceful, and would dunk on anyone.

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    I agree that Dr J isn't mentioned as often with the new generation of stars, but I wouldn't say that he was the best ever. Certainly one of them, but not the best.

    I'd say he's in the top ten. He had flash, and was able to do a bit of everything. I think the knock may have been that he only has one ring (NBA ring...not the ABA).

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    Erving was once the great when you consider that of his palming the ball potential and his bounce. No talks approximately his "hangtime" potential. He was once striking in air and rolling his fingers easily had been wonderful. Wilkins was once the strong dunker however now not flashy because the Dr. So I could say Julius was once bigger than him.

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    I gotta give the doc credit for the best dunk i ever saw!

    the dunk vs the lakers i think when the commentator yelled: and the doc made a sensational play! when he has a steal and swings his arm like...i dont know how to describe it...


    Thank you Julius for giving that to me!!

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    I do. I believe he's the 2nd best in history!




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