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bootmgr.exe missing press ctrl alt del to restart?

bootmgr.exe missing press ctrl alt del to restart how do i repair this using the original disk throught the repair option

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    What operating system are you using?

  • I assume you are running vista because bootmgr.exe is used to run vista from startup. "bootmgr" is short for boot manager, and without this, your computer simply doesnt know how to start vista from your hard drive.

    To fix it is quite simple. First of all go into your BIOS menu (usually press F2 or DEL when prompted when you turn on your pc). Make sure your cd/dvd drive is set to be your primary boot device. This way you can run your setup disk in the next step.

    Insert your Vista install disk and restart your system. Press any key when prompted to begin running the dvd. Wait for it to give you a list of choices. This may take a while as it often stays a blank screen for some time. Choose "repair", and the setup will auto detect your operating system. It will also fix your bootmgr.exe at this point. If it does not, you can go on to the next screen and choose "startup repair".

    All in all, it takes little over 5 mins to fix (mostly waiting for the dvd to load)

    Hope this helps.

  • 4 years ago

    Do this - Keep only 1 HD in PC and make it Primary IDE. Make your ROM/Writer as First bootable Device. Insert a bootable XP Disk Reboot If format required, do it. Install fresh XP.

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