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How long could acute leukemia be present before diagnosis??

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    Actually the first person is wrong. It wont be that long simply because an acute leukemia patient wont survive very long without diagnosis and treatment.

    The first time I was diagnosed, we figured that I had been sick for about 4 months, and they had to start treatment immediatly.

    The relapse.. I was getting bone marrow biopsies every 3 months. One was completly clean, and when I went for my next one 3 months later, the leukemia was already showing in my blood. They waited 2 weeks to start treament, but that was because I had some things to get in order and it was ama.

    If you suspect you have leukemia, please go to the doc. I have been anemic all my life, and anemia is the largest noticable symptom of leukemia. The other symptoms are sky high white blood count (the differential wbc is all 0 though, because all the cells are malformed, giving you no immune system) and low platelet count leaving you susceptable to bleeding.

    Most patients are diagnosed during an infection or bleeding issues. Mine was bleeding issues. I had a 3 week ridiculously heavy non menstrual vaginal bleeding. I was told that had I not went in when I did, I likely would have bleed to death

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    Just to augment Midnight's response, since otherwise there are only two answers and now you have 2 out of 3 agreeing.

    Acute leukemia by definition is an acute problem; patients can become very ill within days to weeks with this disease.

    Source(s): Cancer doc
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    A long time, especially if the patient feels no pain, or hates to go to the doctor. . . .

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