Why does Eric Johnson know so much guitar chords?!?!?

I learned Fmaj7, minor, Dominant 7th and 3 inversions of playing it on each of the chords and I learned it by 3 weeks by my guitar teacher (who first said to me check out EJ) and I'm gonna learn more but...EJ knows so many chords that matches what is going on in his songs I dunno how did he do that? I don't think he uses intervals that much I guess but he just knows a lot of chords...what does it take to know so much chords?!?!

well I am learning alternate picking and artificial harmonics kinda like what EJ does but they're not that relevant in this question so can anyone help?

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    study chord books....practice...practice....study chord books....practice....more practice....

    Repeat the above daily for 10 or 15 years or so.....

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    Why? So that he can write, play and produce much more interesting and pleasing chord structures and tones and lines than typical "rock musicians". Because he aspires to create something with substance, not "Back in Black". How? How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice man, practice. There is no shortcut to learning and practicing, believe me if there were I'd be first in line for it. A love of music, a thirst for knowledge and a desire to create, there is no substitute.

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    Well, I don't know much of anything about guitars (I play Irish harp), but I am acquainted with Eric; he lives here in Austin, Texas, and we played for the wedding of a friend of ours.

    What I think I understand about your question is that, if you know numerous ways to make, for instance, a G chord, then if you want to play an F, you'll find a way to link one of your G's with one of your F's so they are linked smoothly and logically, with minimum finger movement.

    As for everything else...well, there are no shortcuts to experience. The more you do, the more you'll learn. I'm much better at playing harp than I was ten years ago; keep in mind that Eric has been doing his thing for most of his life. And yes, he really is that magnificent!

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