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Hunger after exercise...?

Why is it that I get sooooo hungry after I exercise...I can only be doing 25 minutes on the treadmill, but as soon as i get off I feel like im starving...Even though I wasnt hungry before I started there anything I can do to stop getting these hunger pains (besides eating)


example: this morning i ate breakfast at 7am... then at 8 am i exercised for 25 minutes on my treadmill, got off and felt like i was starving to death

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    There's nothing wrong with eating after you exercise. I think you should eat something after you workout because your body needs to be replenished, but that doesn't mean you need to pig out. Just eat something so you won't be hungry anymore, and to make it even better eat something healthy like a piece of fruit.

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    It's normal, I get that way too. Just eat some protein after exercising. It doesn't have to be a huge meal, but you are hungry so you should eat.

    Source(s): As far as eating before exercising, you should do so at LEAST 30 minutes prior to it and eat fruits and healthy carbs.
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    You shouldnt eat before exercise. If you waited til 8am you would have been hungry and just had the one meal.

    Have some raw vegies or fruit to snack on afterwards.

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    Sometimes your body mistakes hunger for thirst, so try chugging down some fluids before eating. Not that there's anything wrong with eating after exercise, but drinking is vital too.

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  • DeeGee
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    Eat BEFORE you exercise. Eat a yogurt or a handlful of nuts.

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    try taking a protein shake

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