are there any professional sportsman gay?

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I am only askjing because in society in general there are precentages who are. Just interested because for young sportsmen may need a n idol if they are gay themselves

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    John Amaechi, basketball

    Judith Arndt, cycling

    Billy Bean, baseball

    Chris Bergland, triathlon

    Geert Blanchart, speed skating

    Carol Blazejowski, basketball

    Glenn Burke, baseball

    Ryan Carrillo, skating

    Mark Chatfield, swimming

    Carin Clonda, squash

    Chad Conley, figure skating

    Robert Costello, equestrian

    Scott Cranham, diving

    Mike Crosby, water polo

    John Curry, figure skating

    John Damien, jockey

    Chris Dickerson, bodybuilder

    Dora Dome, basketball

    Robert Dover, equestrian

    Nancy Drolet, hockey

    Michelle Dumaresque, mountain biking

    Justin Fashanu, soccer

    Rudy Galindo, figure skating

    Ed Gallagher, football

    Ramona Gatto, kickboxing

    Missy Giove, mountain biking

    Billy Glover, running

    Andrew Goldstein, lacrosse

    Jordan Goldwarg, skiing

    Gina Guidi, boxing

    Matthew Hall, figure skating

    Matthew Hall, Australian rules football

    Bruce Hayes, swimming

    Andrew Holder, swimming

    Drew Holland, rowing

    Savoy Howe, boxing

    Ryan Hunka, figure skating

    Billy Innes, stock car racing

    Patrick Jeffrey, diving

    Corey Johnson, football

    Rosie Jones, golf

    Charles Jones, boxing

    Orlando Jordan, wrestling

    Chris Kanyon, wrestling

    Peter Karlsson, ice hockey

    Johan Kenkhuis, swimming

    Pirinya Kiatbusaba, kickboxing

    Billie Jean King, tennis

    Dave Kopay, football

    Alex Kostich, swimming

    Mark Leduc, boxing

    Ilana Lobet, cycling

    Greg Louganis, diving

    Brian Marshall, track & field

    Doug Mattis, figure skating

    Ryan Miller, snowboarding

    Jen Moore, softball

    Chris Morgan, powerlifting

    Martina Navratilova, tennis

    Jack Nelson, skiing

    Rob Newton, track and field

    Brian Orser, figure skating

    Bob Paris, bodybuilding

    Pat Patterson, wrestling

    Jon Pauole, swimming, triathlon

    Derrick Peterson, track & field

    David Pichler, diving

    Peter Prijdekker, swimming

    Ryan Quinn, skiing

    Ian Roberts, rugby

    Lauren Ruffin, basketball

    Gunther Seidel, equestrian

    Patty Sheehan, golf

    Roy Simmons, football

    Jimmy Sjodin, diving

    Dwight Slater, football

    Jerry Smith, football

    Muffin Spencer-Devlin, golf

    Ryan Stevens, figure skating

    Sheryl Swoopes, basketball

    Mark Tewksbury, swimming

    Brandon Triche, gymnastics

    Esera Tuaolo, football

    Edward Van Campen, figure skating

    Michele Van Gorp, basketball

    Dan Veatch, swimming

    Lisa-Marie Vizaniari, track & field

    Tom Waddell, decathlon

    Karrie Webb, golf

    Mark Welsh, triathlon

    Diane Whipple, lacrosse

    Sue Wicks, basketball

    Aylssa Wykes, football

    Andrea Zimbardi, softball

  • 5 years ago

    Neither really, homosexuality is widely accepted these days. What he does and how he behaves is what will affect his sporting future. He's a brilliant 'keeper and should be playing for many more years but if he suddenly adopts the weird posturing and vocal changes he will have problems. Thankfully he's a Brit so won't be subjected to the good old Barmy Army creating a song for him which i've no doubt they would have done for an Aussie!

  • 1 decade ago

    Former NBA center John Amaechi is one of the more recent.

    The numbers are growing each and every year with more an more athletes that are coming out.

    There was a NFL player, a linebacker I believe, that came out not to long ago as well... but I can't remember who he was or which team he played for.

  • 1 decade ago

    Amelie Mauresmo

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There are tons. In general, roughly 10% of the population in general is gay. Sadly, because of bigotry many famous people in sports and entertainment choose to stay in the closet. Although that is changing slowly. We all are who we were meant to be. Nobody chooses sexuality any more than we choose the color of our skin or the color of our eyes.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Can't think of any who are openly gay wait I know of a famous Australian football player Ian Roberts and I'm sure there is heaps more.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not a Nascar fan but my brother was watching a I was walking through the room and they were interviewing one of them and he definitely had a little sugar in his tank!!

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