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Spoke of to manage the researc

Spoke of to manage the research of business to just just start to the school book.And so late just carry on a research don't make the person surprised, go to school school library and talk basically, so late of the research doesn't make the person surprised, after all this is the phenomenon for 20 centuries.Especially the school book tube wants bridge to start to connect(conjunction) the education and the book to manage business not only, also needing to build up a consistent and special research and book management business of method, this is very difficult.



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    輪幅設法事務研究開始對學校book.And 那麼後繼續研究不做人驚奇, 不去學校學校圖書館和基本上不談話, 研究那麼後不做人驚奇, 在所有這是現象為教科書管要橋梁開始對connect(conjunction) 教育的20 centuries.Especially 之後並且書處理事務不僅, 並且需要加強方法, 這的一致和特別研究和書管理事務是非常困難的。


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  • 這是你自己寫的嗎 一點都不通順

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