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please inform me all about trinidad?

now let's not get lazy with the one liners. i have never been there but want to come. i usually go to aruba. one of my best friends moved from aruba to trinidad and i'd like to check it out. i want a local's view point. i am a very outgoing friendly guy who likes to mingle with the locals. i want to know truly if it is ok to do that. would i/we be safe and all. i hate rumors. tell me about the beaches of course, such as the type of proper attire for the ladies, what is allowed and what is not. i like to respect the locals customs.i like the rather smaller places to stay. i can read the web sites about trinidad but i feel that it's best to ask people either from there or have been there. post me here or send me an email through yahoo answers please. i thank you in advance

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Okay I will try not to get I must say that I like your stream of thinking.Bear in mind that you said inform you "all" about Trinidad.I dont know if I can do all that but I will try my best.

    Trinidad and Tobago-one country, two unique islands.Its culture is one of many ethnic threads interwoven to create a close-knit colorful fabric.Tobago's roots are mainly African Caribbean,unlike Trinidad's cosmopolitan diversity and many African and East Indian beliefs still flourish through the islands festival and heritage traditions.

    As a visitor you will get more of a sense of being welcomed into somebody else's life and home rather than being channelled into tourist enclaves where you don't really experience the country itself.Trinidad and Tobago has got some of the mellowist(if that is a word) people you will ever meet.Yes we may have our differences but I must say that all feel welcome here. Trinis have a mentality to have a good time where ever we are no matter what.So if you dont put on airs and act like you are too good for us we will treat you as one of our own.

    If you are in for an eating adventure of significance and quality,then T&T is the place to be.I can boast and say that my country is THE melting pot of cuisine!!!Some of the food we eat may vary from what you are accustomed to and some may quite frankly startle you,but if you are strong at heart and willing to abandon the known for the unknown then you will enjoy every moment of it.

    Beaches,sun and palm trees are plentiful here.You will enjoy yourself on our beaches and if you smell some good food cooking don't be bashful to go and ask for some..Do not be surprised to see people unknown to you waving you over and telling you to "help yuh self". Trinis love to share and they will not only give you food to eat but they will invite you to "take ah drink nah" And if you enjoy the meal you will give them bragging rights,lol.If you see people playing cricket on the beach ask for a game.

    Most women wear bathing suits of different shapes and sizes to the beaches.Whatever you do,DO NOT bathe topless or bottomless.At first sight you will be stared at and I am quite sure some will laugh at you and very soon after you may see a psychiatric ambulance coming your way to take you to St.Anns(local mental institution),lol.But seriously though,do not bathe naked.

    Port of Spain(our capital) has a reputation as the city that never sleeps.Trinidad can boast of a rich,energetic night life.Liming is Trinis national sport,lol.(Jus kidding).Liming is the Trini word for hanging out.

    Transportation is sometimes easily accessible,sometimes not.Congestion and lack of parking spaces leads many to walk rather than drive.

    Now I will talk a little bit about SOUTH Trinidad.South is as far as you can go.South or the Southland starts from San Fernando.Most Northerners think that anything beyond San Fernando as Deep South and inconceivably distant..I live in Deep south,lol.And I LOVE IT.It is UNCONTROVERSIALLY the BEST part of the Island,lol.

    Dont be surprised if you stop to ask directions and a local tell you "is right up de road jus go straight and yuh go meet it." When someone from South tells you "it right up de road(close),prepare for another few miles of your journey.Better yet stop at a gas station and fill your tank,lol.While you are in South dont forget to visit:

    Pitch lake

    Wild Fowl trust

    Oropouche lagoon

    San Fernando Hill

    Columbus Bay

    Penal,Debe,Siparia-you get all sort of Indian delicacies here.

    Devils Woodyard

    Mayaro and Manzanilla Beaches

    Trinity Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and Reserve

    All in all Trinidad is a beautiful Island.You however,have to be responsible for yourself and use your discretion in all that you do.Do not wander about by yourself at night and look lost with it.If you are lost,look for someone in a police uniform or an individual that instincts will tell you wont harm you and ask for direction.If there is a store close to where you are just enter the store and ask the attendants.

    Be sure to know where you are at ALL times.You can use landmarks to help you with this.DO NOT carry about alot of cash on you and when purchasing dont show all the money you have.Carnival Season is here and there will be many a few who will try to scam you into buying fete tickets outside.Dont do this because sometimes most of them are bogus.

    You should enjoy your stay here and if you are single I will not be surprised if you dont fall head over heals in love with one of our females.We do have beautiful women you know,not to toot our own horn...but render unto Trinidad what is Trinidads,lol.Just make sure before you make a move on anybody daughter you find out before that the 6 foot tall,Samson looking man next to her is not her husband or boyfriend.If this is the matter then "Breds you in deep waters without a paddle"(you in trouble).

    The men like to defend their own and Trini women defend themselves too.So if you upset someone be prepared to get a "proper cussing",lol. Don't be surprised if after they cuss you out they talk to you like nothing just happened.Trinis dont hold grudges.Too much activities to do. :)

    Enjoy your visit.Be safe and try everything.( well not everything...but you get my gist.)

    Have a safe and blessed trip.

    Source(s): Trini to de bone and loving it :)
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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh my gosh Chara, if I wasn't living here, girl I would be on the next plane to T&T, lol. WELL DONE.

    That about sums it up but I will just add: eat a shark and bake, have 2 doubles, have some curried crab and dumplings and be prepared to be called "family" by some guy who don't know you from Adam.

    Come and enjoy our slice of paradise and try to make a trip to Tobago, it only takes 2 1/2 hrs by ferry.

    Have a safe trip.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its hard to inform u with all about Trinidad!

    What exactly do you want to know, please say or you may just google it!

    Or try looking at Yahoo Trinidad & Tobago resloved questions! Good Luck

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  • Resh
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Chara girl, i go leave my lil 2 cents out yes, great job describing our paradise,,,

    i go jus take my 2 pionts and go now..

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