guitar 4 track help?

i got a yamaha 4 track it has line ins where I can put a guitar cable or whatever. on the back it has one aux send and one right aux return R and one aux return L

It didntr come with a book.

i want to hook it up so I can recorrd my music Any ideas?

Ive never used one of these things.

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    The Aux Send and Returns are for hooking up the 4-track to an outboard effects unit (like an effects processor for reverb, compression, etc.) The Aux send is mono; the returns are for stereo (if you send a mono signal to a reverb device, the signal will come back as a stereo signal with the reverb.)

    To send a signal to the Aux-es, just dial up the Aux send knob for that track and make sure that the knobs for your main Aux send and returns are turned up as well.

    To record music, just inset a high-quality cassette tape, plug in your guitar (either directly or from the amp), engage the channel or channels you want to record on (by pressing the button labeled "Rec Select" or something similar to that), hit the record and play buttons together, and start jamming!

  • Saul
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    I took a wild guess and included a link to a manual for one of yamaha's 4 track recorders. If you can't read PDF files on your computer you can download Adobe Reader for free I think ... at I dunno. Google "download adobe reader" or "download free pdf reader" or something to find a program that'll do it.

    Shoot me a message if you have specific questions... a lot of it, honestly, is plugging your guitar in, hitting record, and playing with the gain and level controls until you get a good strong recorded signal.


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