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Do you know most of the events that happened in WWII?

if you do can you please state them along with the year they happened in...please


or during WWII along with the country that it happened in as well please..

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    1931 - Japan Invades China

    1932 - Hitler comes to power

    1935 - Hitler repudiates Treaty of Versailles

    1936 - German military intervenes in Spanish Civil War; Japanese massacre in Nanking; Italy invades Ethiopia

    1938 - Hitler annexes Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia

    1939 (spring) - Hitler annexes Austria, remainder of Czechoslovkia

    1939 (August) - Hitler and Stalin sign non-aggression pact, splitting Poland between them

    1 September 1939 - Germany Invades Poland, UK and France declare war 2 days later

    Winter 1939/40 - Germany adds Finland as an associate member of the Axis Powers

    Spring 1940 - Germany overruns Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, and France

    June 1940 - France capitulates and forms puppet government in Vichy

    Summer 1940 - Germany starts to invade Balkan states

    Fall 1940 - Battle of Britain; German plans to invade England are indefinitely postponed; Italy invades North Africa; America signs Lend-Lease act, sending supplies and ships to UK in exchange for basing rights

    Winter 1940/41 - Balkan invasions complete; Italy routed in Africa, Germany comes to Italian aid and drives UK back to Egypt

    Spring 1941 - Battle of Britain officially ends; Stalemate in Africa

    July 1941 - Germany invades USSR

    November 1941 - Japan finalizes plan to attack Pearl Harbor

    December 1941 - Pearl Harbor attacked, US declares war on Japan, Germany/Italy declares war on US; Philippines, Guam, Wake Island invaded

    Winter 1941/42 - German advance halted at the outskirts of Moscow

    Spring 1942 - Battle of El Alamein; Doolittle's Raid on Japan

    Summer 1942 - Midway, Battle of Casablanca, Russian counterattack fails

    Fall 1942 - Battle of Solomon Islands; Kasserine Pass; Germany attacks Stalingrad

    Winter 1942/43 - German surrender at Stalingrad; island-hopping campaign begins in Pacific

    Spring 1943 - Afrika Korps routed, Axis removed from Africa

    Summer 1943 - Invasions of Tarawa, Sicily; beginning of "Long March to Berlin" of Soviet Army

    Fall 1943 - Invasion of Italy; overthrow of Mussolini; surrender of Italy

    Winter 1943/44 - Monte Cassino holds up Allied invasion in Italy; plans drawn up for cross-Channel invasion of Europe

    Spring 1944 - Rome falls; Invasion of Saipan; "Marianas Turkey Shoot"

    Summer 1944 - D-Day; German Counteroffensive in Russia fails; Paris liberated; Allied invasion of Southern France

    Fall 1944 - Operation Market-Garden fails; Invasion of Saipan, Philippines; Battle of Leyte Gulf

    Winter 1944/45 - Battle of the Bulge; Invasion of Iwo Jima

    Spring 1945 - Hitler commits suicide; Germany surrenders; FDR dies

    June 1945 - Invasion and Battle of Okinawa

    July 1945 - A-bomb tested at Los Alamos

    August 1945 - Hiroshima, Nagasaki destroyed by atomic weapons; Japan surrenders

    September 1945 - Official Japanese surrender on USS Missouri, Tokyo Harbor

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    Uhh... hmm. Ok then.

    1939 - invasion of Poland by Germany and Soviets.

    1940 - 1943 main years of the Battle of the Atlantic, where Germans tried to stop all shipping between America and Britain.

    1941 - Operation Barbarrossa, a massive invasion of the Soviet Union by the Germans that included more than 3 million men. Largest invasion force ever to move on the face of the Earth.

    1943 - Invasion of Italy by Americans and British

    1944 - June 6, D-DAY, Americans and British invade northern France

    1945 - Victory by the Allies.

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    1938 TO 1941

    This site gives you everything from month and years.

    Hope it helps

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