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TOMS Shoes?

Does anyone have any TOMS Shoes? If so, what color?

And if you don't... get some!

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    I know some friends who have them. Red color.

    To kk: They're in because...

    1) When you purchase one, they give one to a kid in need.

    2) They're made from simple materials.

    3) They're amazingly comfy - or so I've heard.

    4) They come in a load of cute colors!

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    I love that you support it! And, obviously everyone on the planet has a pair of vans or keds, so I don't see why someone wouldn't want any Toms. Especially since it's a charitable foundation. I've got a pair of printed pink ones from UO.

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    Everytime you buy a shoe from there, they donate one to a kid in a poor country who doesn't have shoes. Good cause.

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    they're fugly and I usually don't say that about things because my style is eclectic. I see they're for a good cause but I would like to donote the pair that I buy (if i ever did) to charity because I would never wear those hideous things.

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    never heard of them....... they must not be in LOL 8D

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    ew those are ugly lol

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