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German or Spanish?

Okay, so I have to pick if I want to take German or Spanish for Highschool. I'm leaning towards German since I think it's more interesting.

I also think German could possibly help with my career (hopefulyl as a car designer) as I could work for BMW, Mercedes, or Audi in Germany and already have the basics of German.

On the other hand, Spanish is widely spoken and a lot of people in Florida, Cali, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas speak it. That could be helpful for things.

What do you think?

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    German. Spanish would come in handy what with all the foreigners but I am German and I enjoy speaking the language. It isn't too hard to learn, either.

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    Honestly, I would choose German. I had to go through that, but I chose German. It's really not that hard and it is a lot of fun. And it really works for you if you want to live in Europe, especially Germany. The German culture is so much better than America's. Really.

    However, if you learn Spanish, it'll probably get you a tad farther in life seeing as so many of the people in mexico (I'm not talking bad about the ones that come here legally.) are comming just about everywhere illegally. That's a huge turn to German when it came to me. I want to live in a country where only one language is spoken... But... That'll never happen. I just choose not to satisfy the illegal mexican immigrants with learning their language if they wanna come to America telling people to learn to speak their language. Its not right in my opinion, and they can go back to their own country. If it's so bad there, than they are cowards for not staying there and working hard to fix their own home country.

    Bah. Sorry. That's my opinion. I love taking German and I don't regret not learning Spanish. And besides, I heard Spanish was somewhat hard to do sometimes. So is German but it's really fun to think about. =3

    Hope I helped and sorry again for the long opinon.

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    German depends on the person as its not that hard, or so I have been told and also from what i have heard-people who have learned or are naturally fluent, most words are pretty similar to English. But from a spanish student perspective- spanish seems easy, but at times its hard because of sentence structure, and with each level something changes and when you finally figure something out, or you are in the habit of saying something you find that its not that way. And just with anything you learn every teacher at every level is different. So maybe ask other students, even talk to the teacher themselves, and look at a book, pronounce a few words-it may seem silly, but you will deffinitely get to see which one you would like more, because neither is learned in a day.

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    I think you should definitely go for Spanish but if you're sure you're going to that career you should go for German, but you don't need German to work in a US BMW etc dealership. Spanish helps a lot however, it is very widely spoken, seems to be an easier class than German, and it is still quickly growing at a very high rate. But if your school offers a class like Latin, definitely go for that. It'll really pay off (it really helps on standardized tests like SAT and ACT.)

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    Well in simple words, spanish is useful if you want to live in the States. Spanish is quite an easy language (however it gets tougher in higher levels as with many other languages)....

    German is primarily useful if you want to live in Europe. German is actually tough in it's grammar patterns and pronunciation at times which can be hard for a foreigner.

    Viel glück!!!

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    Assuming you are based in the US, I would say you would want to speak a language that a lot less people speak. Then that language is a commodity and not just a case of "yet another person that speaks Spanish".

    Note that many cars are built in Mexico these days so Spanish shouldn't be ruled out.

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    if you have the chance to learn German in High School then go for it. In the U.S. you have so many other opportunities to pick up Spanish from native speakers (like from co-workers, friends etc.) How many Germans do you actually know that could teach you their language outside of school? Not very many I bet.

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    I work with some people from Germany here in Florida and they told me that they would love to learn spanish better than german,because it is not usefull anywhere, keep in mind that spanish speaking people are all over the world, all south america,central america,Spain,some caribbean islands, etc. and for business english is without any doubt the language that even the chinese use, now more than ever did you know that they want to enter into the us. car market ? and they are not learning "german"

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    Be different, take German! Everyone learns Spanish, and honestly, i think its kinda an insult that its becoming so popular in America, but that's another story...Anyway, German is a challenging language though so study hard and you will do good.

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    Spanish because more people around the world speak it. It will help, esp. living in the south. Also, unless you are going to go to Germany for BMW, etc., or talk to some of the really high up executives, you should be fine with spanish. also, even if you did go to germany for BMW or whatever, the people at the company who you would talk to would most likely speak english also.

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