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Every time I click internet explorer icon on Quick Launch Toolbar, I get default home page "errorbrowser.com".

Every time I click internet explorer icon on Quick Launch Toolbar, I get default home page "errorbrowser.com" which I do not want. I am unable to even change the default page on "internet options". Earlier I had virus detected by Norton but now that has been removed. Please help me set up with default page of my choice.

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    This is a spyware removing software it may help to remove the spyware if it was.

    Or else change U R homepage

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    If Norton did remove the virus completely then you need to reset you're IE Settings. In IE>Tools>Internet optioptions>Programs>reset web settings. In the same window you might look under the manage add ons. If you see a BHO that does not look like it is something you use disable it. You can google the name to see what it does. If need be you can enable it if it was something you wanted.

    You also need to look a Symantecs web site at the details of the virus that was removed, they may have specific information about what it does and how to recover from system changes made.


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    You are the victim of a spyware

    Download and run Spybot: Search & Destroy anti-spyware


    Use one of the two links that are from Safer-networking.org

    Once you have the software installed and updated with the latest data files; reboot your machine into safe mode and run a scan. This type of spyware runs in active memory, so it can not be killed in standard mode. Hit F8 once every second at boot, until the boot menu loads. Select safe mode with networking. It will take quite some time to load and will look strange compared to standard mode.

    Start and run the scan, if you detect and remove anything, which you will the first time through, then run the scan again.

    Keep scanning until you get a clean scan, no detections.

    Once you have scanned and cleaned the computer, then you can reboot into standard mode.

    You may want to download AVG anti-virus as well, and scan with that while your in safe mode, just to cover all the bases.


    However, do not install AVG if you have another anti-virus installed. You should not have two anti-virus programs running at once. They will fight each other.

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    ErrorBrowser.com (www.errorbrowser.com) is a browser hijacker that designed as DNS error page (Page not found, 404 error), it promotes AntiSpywareSuite rogue anti-spyware. There is no reason to download this malware, it can slow your computer and damage sensitive data on your hard drives. If you are infected with ErrorBrowser.com hijacker you will receive warning messages in your task bar claiming that you are infected with spyware and malware. ErrorBrowser.com results from Zlob trojan infection and may cause system slowdowns and crahses.


    here are manual removal instructions:

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    Click on tools menu---> Internet Options --> on hope page option --> click on USE BLANK...

    your work is over.....

    if your problem still persists.... then re install windows or what ever operating system your are using.

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    you can call ur internet company or try to go to an other page and ingore the error

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    use something like pctools (pctools.com) to remove it.

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