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The name of a movie where the aliens drill into the backs of kids necks and they put band aids over the hole?

The teachers are aliens and a boy goes on a mission to stop them it was from the eighties or early nineties and the drill was in some sort of worm hole in the ground.

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    I think it's Invaders from Mars, seems like I remember Karen Black being in a movie like that


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    My guess is that this might be the remake of the Fifties film "Invaders from Mars", which varies some places.

    Invaders from Mars (1986)

    starring Karen Black, Hunter Carson (Black's son), Timothy Bottoms, Laraine Newman, James Karen, Bud Cort, Louise Fletcher

    IMDB synopsis:

    In this remake of the classic '50s SF tale, a boy tries to stop an invasion of his town by aliens who take over the the minds of his parents, his least-liked schoolteacher and other townspeople. With the aid of the school nurse, the boy enlists the aid of the U.S. Marines.

    I'll also give you information about the original, which most people think is much better:

    Invaders from Mars (1953)

    starring Jimmy Hunt (who has a bit part in the remake), Leif Erickson, Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, Morris Ankrum, Milburn Stone

    IMDB synopsis:

    David was a normal kid suffering from normal problems. But he had good friends and loving parents. All that is about to change one fateful night as David wakes up and sees a UFO landing just beyond the fence. He awakens his parents. His father, who thinks it was just a bad dream, goes and looks anyway. ... When he returns the next morning with a lame excuse and a strange mark on his neck, George is no longer a loving father ... When the local police and his mother also fall into the alien trap, as well as several other people in town, David entrusts his secret with a local doctor. She believes him, and together they try to convince others before it's too late.

    Y!A won't let me post the link to IMDB!

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    Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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    It wasn't The Faculty was it?

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