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I dream into the future? Time travel?

Okay, every night whe I dream I have a vision into the future, usually I go 3-4 weeks into the future and I'm looking through my eyes doing soemthing. It's as if my soul leaves my sleeping body and enters my future body. I can only see the future for 30 seconds. Many people call this deja vu or being psyhic, but they get stumped after I tell them that I remember everything I saw when I wake up and expect it to come in the near future. The longest I've seen into the future has been several months. I can't explain it, time travel??? For example I'll dream of being in a lecture hall with everyone around me what they're wearing, whats on the board what time of day it is, and what the teacher is saying and everything EXACTLY the same happens a few weeks later. And I freeze there saying I've experienced this before and remmber back to my dream. They're not symbols or anything, EXACTLY as I see it in my dream I see it in the future. Please help me, I'm not joking nor am I going mad.


Oh an I can't decide where to go in the future I just end up's not like I have a time machine in my hands.

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    I'm calling the government to take your demon @ss away to Area 51 you psychic freak!

    jk.......but anyways. I've had that happen too. It usually only happens when I'm really tired though. I think what happens is that when the situation really happens, your brain thinks that you preveously dreamed it. But in reality, you didn't really dream it, you just think you did. At least, that was the conclusion I made about what was happening with myself.

    Do you remember the dream as soon as you wake up? Or do you remember it when the real situation happens?

    If you remember the dream as soon as you wake up, write it down. If it comes true, you're psychic.

    If you think you remember the dream when it's really happening, it just means you're tired and your mind is playing tricks on you.

    ......or it could be a glitch it the matrix!!!

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    I Dream The Future

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    This has happened to me as well I went about 1 year into the future which I thought was gonna be a good dream but ended up being like some Doomsday dream

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    It's called Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an "astral body" separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it.

    Source(s): Me and the internet read about it a long time ago
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    You are what scientists call a precognitive dreamer. From what you say you are a very acute case. There is an actual area of scientific fascination with this stuff. It is believed that all people have a mental ability to perceive events before they occur, but some, like you, more then others.

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    this sometimes happens to me but i only realize it right before it happens its like a jolt like i was on the bus reading and i read a few words looked up and i remembered the words on the next page from the dream and i had never read the book before! its cool but pretty much useless in my case

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      Hi, I'm Reggie Ray, a time traveler. I cannot remember the first three digits of a phone number to call once I have Cray's K-bubble Unicode Algorithms. 8928 is the only numbers I remember. It has been 4 months now.

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    well when you sleep your soul does come out of your body, and you can experience an outer body experience, you can practically go wherever you wanna be at that is if you know how to tap in your brain... your asleep you may not realize that maybe you have somehting that others dont have opening a door to other things out there that you arent aware of psychic as some call... you see things that are gonna happen...

    this usually happens if you practice alot of yoga and stuff like that like medatating every day for several minutes this can help your brain tap into more things you never knew you could do..

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    I know exactly how you feel, it happens to me ALOT.

    i only know whats going to happen right before it happens though, then i remember that i dreamed about it the night before. One time, I was watching TV with my brother and my sister and it happened. i turned to my sister and said "I bet you 5 bucks mom calls for me to get in the kitchen in 10 seconds." sure enough, 10 seconds later, my mom yells "Gabe, get into the kitchen and help me grate this cheese!" it was pretty cool, I got 5 bucks X-D !

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    It is said, and I believe it, that time is not linear. Time is now, like the thread on a spindle.

    I think what you described can be called premonitions.

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    good, stay away from bad teachers who could ruin you

    this happened to me, I was gifted with many things including happiness untill i met a bad teacher who knew a lot of yoga and who ruind my life now i'm half the person i used to be i lost my happiness so before to appeal to someone to help you about this, take care and be careful

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