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What impact did Global Warming have on the 20th Century?

Why is Global Warming seen as important to the History of the 20th century? What was its impact on the 20th Century?

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    --40 percent decrease in the thickness of Arctic sea ice since the 1950s.

    --The average surface temperature of the planet has increased by about 0.6 degrees Celsius over the past 100 years...The warmest decade of last century was the 1990s, with 1998 being the warmest year on record.

    Negative aspects of global warming: * a reduction in crop yields around tropical and sub-tropical regions;

    * decreased water availability in areas already short of water;

    * an increase in the spread of diseases such as malaria and dengue fever; and

    * increased instances of flooding as intensity of rainfall increases and sea levels increase. But, the positive aspects of a small amount of global warming include:

    * increases in crop yields in some mid-latitude regions with temperature increases up to two to three degrees Celsius;

    * potential increase in timber supplies from managed forests;

    * increased water availability in regions such as southeast Asia; and

    * reduced winter mortality in high latitude regions.

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    You made the jump to the assumption that all you have heard about global warming is real. There are still open debates in the scientific community just about this.

    I can also tell you from "fact" that in 1100 to 1300 at least in Illinois near St. Louis, it was very much hotter than now by about 6 degrees. This virtually caused the end of the Cahokia Indian Civilization. Now that "fact " was gained the same way as other "facts" through geology and archeology.

    Today it is just at 4 degrees here in Illinois. It will be about 5-10 below tonight. Don't sound too warm to me. There are usually about 2-3 weeks a year over 90-95 degrees. I use my pool about 4 weeks out of the year. Don't sound too warm there either.

    Living on earth causes death and just the act of living does it also. Maybe we should all just die so we cant be blamed for all that is "wrong" on earth.

    Is there room for a middle ground on this whole debate? Could it be that there is a large weather cycle and within that there are smaller ones?

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    In the 20th century? Continued drought in the west and midwest. The last year that Pathfinder Reservoir in Wyoming was FULL was 1979. In the 1990s, water restrictions EVERY year. Not enough snow. Not enough rain. Not enough water.

    As a result of these conditions, more crops have to be imported and the crops grown in the US have shifted to those that need less water. That's not going to be good enough soon. With the population growth in the West, less land is available for farming and the need for water has increased over what was needed in 1970.

    On a personal level, it's been at least 20 years since I've had enough snow fall on and around my house that I could build a snow cave. I live in Wyoming.

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    Way back in the 20th Century we didn't really worry about global warming. We were too busy securing our oil supply.

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    The reconable signs of global warming were not evident till the eighties. The early seventies were reckoned to portend a return to an ice age and was a matter of concern, Then there was talk of global dimming of sunlight ... ..

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    i think this global warming thing is just a natural occurance ,when i was a kid the summers were hotter,we must educate people from india and asia and africa,that they must stop having so many children which i think is the main impact on this world ,here in australia we have had a drought for about 5 years but the last few months we have had enough rainwater fell to last us for a very long time but the labour government and the silly greenies wont let us build more dams so it just flows back out to sea,

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    who said that it either had an impact or was important?

    2000 - 6 billion people worldwide(four times the number in 1900), living longer lives than in 1900, eating better food than in 1900, living in better environments than in 1900, many more consumer goods and higher standard of living than in 1900...all that on a half degree? If that's all because of "global warming" give me more...

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    it didnt really have much impact till the 21 st----the hottest years in history,worlwide,began in 2001 and have been progressively hotter since then.i think it began subtly in the 20th,not noticed in earnest till the late 90's.

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