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How can I find out when my computer was turned on?

Like what time my computer was turned on

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    Check the history. Look that up by clicking on "tools" and it will display the pages that were viewed.

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    To find out the exact time your computer was turned on:

    1) Right-mouse-click on My Computer

    2) Select "Manage"

    3) Expand - Event Viewer \ Windows Logs and then select "System"

    4) Scroll down through the logs to locate the date and time change with the largest gap (when you turned on your computer)

  • If you are running windows XP or Vista go to the Windows task manager by hitting control + alt+ delete and choosing task manager.

    Go to the process tab then click on View in the menu.

    go to Select Columns

    Check the CPU time check box and click OK

    Now in the process list look for system idle process anc check the CPU time on it. The system Idle Process starts when the computer starts so it would give you an accurate time of how long the computer has been on.

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    An easy way -

    Right click MY Computer

    Manage , System tools, Event viewer,System.

    You get all the info you need.

    Tip : after you looked, Right click on systems and "Clear all Events"-then click NO-to Do you want to save"Systems" before clearing it.

    You can also clear "Applications and Security". That's what I do to check if someone played with my computer.

    Regards from Germany

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    Hello,............on top of web menu you have (file, edit,veiw,favorites,tools and help) veiw.....scroll to explorerbar.........scroll to history, thats how you find out what has been viewed , open folder ....... right click item , scroll down to properties click properties , will give you date and time of the item looked at..........make sure folder is open first..........find item then right click properties....

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    Not really sure

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    very good question

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