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Is Al-Qaeda going to attack the U.S. when they pull out their army in Iraq?

It is a crazy thought, because right now the U.S. Army is keeping things in check in Iraq and once we leave all those terrorist are going to have more freedom and will have desire to attack us. SCARY!

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    You realy think theres other terrorist worse than our own government?


    25 U.S Military Officers Challenge offical account of 9/11, what do you think of this?

    January 14, 2008 – Twenty-five former U.S. military officers have severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and called for a new investigation. They include former commander of U.S. Army Intelligence, Major General Albert Stubblebine, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Col. Ronald D. Ray, two former staff members of the Director of the National Security Agency; Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, and Major John M. Newman, PhD, and many others. They are among the rapidly growing number of military and intelligence service veterans, scientists, engineers, and architects challenging the government’s story.

    “A lot of these pieces of information, taken together, prove that the official story, the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is a bunch of hogwash. It’s impossible,” said Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret). [1]

    Good luck to you hope you do some investigating

    This is the perfect answer to your question i think.

    The entire infostructure of our government is untouchable to a certain degree unless things change drasticly and theese are just some reasons why.(why do you think theyr changing the constitution of our country ?)

    Here are a few reasons the worlds economy is so shaky none of this is speculation its all fact and public record.

    Anyone who understands this knowledge can simpathise as well as feel compassion for any other national or color or creed so to speak .

    Please read to the end it is important VERY.

    You dont understand .There is a very good reason why they had to put his own flesh and blood on to say hes sory for what he did .

    Because so many people actualy know the truth about 911 now the world is talking and more and more every day waking up.

    In order to keep truth hidden from masses first they must (subconsciously) insert a diff prob and fix it so the real problem isnt seen.

    YES this has everything to do with whats going on in russia .Check out all the facts look at the big picture.

    Over 900 lies and counting its in the news right now look in the paper thats just a few of the bush administrations lies.

    North korea freaks out russia says get out thanks but we dont trust you or care for your help with anything any more leaders all over the world " terminated " unrest in italy right now all pertains to this same problem with the world .

    Its the ones behind the scenes crossing off theyr lists.

    Many have tryed to give warnings in the past like JFK did in his speaches about the people actualy in control of the puppets.

    The thousands that die american british iraqi pallestinian they dont care its all part of theyr plan they cant wait till its just them on the planet and a few slaves.

    Research look into new laws and directives and actualy read the garbage called 911 commission report.

    when you pull it all out from george washington to george bush and stand back and look at it all BIG PICTURE you will see the truth scary sad truth.

    Recent report in the news .Record amount of tourist in N.Y. last couple years hmm mabey its because tens of thousands of people have been gathering there for 911 truth rallies trying to get the Gov to start telling the truth.Or is it just people going there to meet Silverstien the man who admitted giving the order to push the button on the buildings he had just leassed.

    Let me stop for a second and ask you a question.

    What would YOU do if you were a famous reporter with a good rep.and recieved a letter in the mail with a deadly substance in it Directly linked (by D N A ) to the American millitary : With an Ultimatum ?

    would you watch what you say and do as your told and hope you dont get any more letters?

    Reason i ask is this did happen and stories did change.

    go to you tube type in( 20 minutes before it collapsed)

    And watch just one of the many smoking guns.

    who was in charge of security at the WTC complex on 911 and the months leading up to it (Marvin Bush ) wow what a coinsidence.

    Who helped fund and arm Hitlers cause and was even (on the record ) charged but not convicted of such ?None other that Prescot Bush, Pres.Bush s grand father.

    Ever heard of Bushs oil intrest and dealing with a man named Osama Bin Ladin?

    But to those of you reading this who still think it matters "democrat ,republican" what ever WAKE up it matters not even WHO you vote for any more the last 3 elections have proven that they have controll over it.Who ever the World Bank wants there to be theyr puppet is who will get elected (unless you see our army headed back any time soon to retake controll of Washington )as our consitution actualy tells them to do in this kind of situation.we will never again have controll of our Gov. Medea or our schools and what our children are being taught.If you take a serrious look back into history you can trace it back even as far as T.Jeffersons notes about the illuminati and theyr plans for how they would set up the new world order .Awell thought out and so far well orcestrated plan they are more than half way theyr .But it was John F Kennedy that tryed to warn us in his speaches thats why he was shot listen to his speaches. His words tell it all , whats happening right now he tryed to warn us he saw it comming.

    The pres is just a puppet, who cares what his name is or what he says he stands for. Its the bankers running the country not him. They had alotta people fooled untill they did 911 that actualy woke some of us up think it might have backfired on them to some point cause they left it so obvious they did it.Do the homework dont believe anything sept for what you see for yourself please look , do research.

    Doesnt take long to see the truth .Doesnt take long to figure out how the BBC accedently reported the solomin brothers building coming down oops 20 min before it collapsed.

    As Silverstien put it after he gave the command to Pull.

    Doesnt take a scientist with a PHD like Dr, Judy Wood to figure out a 110 story building cant come down in 10 seconds without some help.Though i did like her presentation.

    What she found is prob. what scared the hell out of north korea and made them start freaking out.

    Its also probly why China has recently anounced its putting more sattelites in space alot more.Judies got it down to a science litteraly just think 47 story tall building has a higher rubble pile than 2 110 story buildings hmmm time to do some math .(there is still plenty of evidence that the towers pile wasnt even as high as what was left of the still standing lobby windows right after the dust settled)

    Hope this helps.911 ripple effect or 911 coincidences or

    look up loose change if you never have ive resurched all theyr material for months and others but anyway they did a good job and all theyr info IS FACT .There Are others out there though ,some are out there to misslead you just pay atention to the proof easy stuff like all the documented but not made public( through so called Media) sooo many people in the buildings and all around saw and heard the bombs going off sooo many people know first hand and reported the demolition but not mainstreem media.

    Was no surprise to me at all when i read in the news that Tony Blair joined J P Morgan when you see the big picture and put all the banker pieces together rothchild , Rockafeller and such you too will not be surprised it is actualy a step on a list checked off.

    Try to prove me wrong in any of this PLEASE that means your finding truth sory this truth hurts but just think of what the firemen with 30 years in that have to keep theyr mouth shut have to go through.

    Just go to the adress bar and type in 911 truth from theyr website you can find the truth up to you what you do with it .

    you tube ; you can handle the truth 911 , loose change , 911 coincidences just the tip of the huge piramid

    I hope wesley snipes can wake a few people up to the fact that there realy is no LAW that says personal income tax from individuals only on corprate profit and gains. If he "wins" the case he will "Not" be the first.

    """ IF ANYONE THINKS ANY OF THIS IS NOT TRUE they must not realize its all PUBLIC RECORD and easly found .Hard part is at first you dont want to believe i know

    been there.

    What does our Constitution order our army to do ? And Why do you think at the end of the paragraph you find the words foreign AND DOMESTIC?

    Bin Laden Had nothing to do with the events of 911

    Its kind of ironic realy our millitary are the war criminals the UN never gave the ok to go to war.

    Though in my eyes theyr all forgiven IF they com back and take over washington as is theyr duty in a situation such as this.

    If you still care WHO is gonna be next in line just pay attention to theyr body language if you look back at the old tapes of bushs past elections you can see it plain as day study it and then use what you learn to find the next in line before it happens . Statements he made like ,oh im gonna win .

    open your eyes to the truth and youl see it stand out like a sore thumb.

    Oh and if you still think they made it through the van allan radiation belt and made it to the moon back in the 60s you havent done your homework there is plenty of PROOF now public record they faked the whole thing.

    Source(s): Common sense . Big Picture
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    The dirty little secret is "yes", whether we have a Republican or Democratish president. Notice how little play the "war" is getting in the debates? And we were told a year ago it was the defining issue to justify electing a Democrat congress. Now that they're in power, has anything changed (except that in spite of them, we're winning)? is now estranged and enraged with their former party. Maybe they can pick up the banner of their Al Qaeda allies and really make some "progressiveness". George Soros, call your office.

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    It's harder to mount attacks when you're living underground in hiding just to survive, with your communications and financial networks having been compromised, and all international police agencies geared up to find you.

    A precipitous pull-out from Iraq, however, might change that equation, and they'd likely find a friendly host government somewhere that would support them allow them to operate in the open. That's when they become dangerous to places on the other side of the world.

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    They've been trying to attack us and other countries all along since 9/11. Or did you forget about the FBI, and the UK and other countries uncovering plots and cells. Did you also forget that they did attack Spain for one thing? We're fighting them in Iraq, and we still have to track them to see what else they're plotting.

    Doesn't matter who is president or how many of our armed forces remain in Iraq or not.

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    Al-Qaeda will attack us whenever and wherever they can. The problem is that they have unlimited funds from the nations of oil rich closte America haters. Until we disrupt the cashflow or demolish the economies of those nations, they will continue to drain our economy with nuisance attacks.

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    Yes, they will attack us if we leave, just as if we stay, just as they did before we liberated Iraq, just as they did after we deposed the Butcher of Baghdad.

    All those practitioners of the Religion of Peace in their desert mountain training camps are not going to go home and herd goats and toke on their hookahs just because we give Iraq to Iran. They're in it to git dem virgins and they ain't stoppin til they assume room temperature.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, that has been a real threat for quite some time. It is my opinion that the Mercy of God has kept it from happening thus far. But we know that before Jesus comes to take the "faithful" home, the world will be left without a intercessor (Jesus) for some time, at that time the Bible call's it "the time of trouble since never was" Rev. , Are you ready to follow Jesus home?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Al-Qaeda Army?? they are Terrorists and they don't have an Army!

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  • 1 decade ago

    al quaeda attacked the usa on 09/11/2001.

    hope this helps...

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  • Samm
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    1 decade ago

    Democrats do not care. They just want to leave Iraq and beg for mercy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    if we don't fight them in Iraq then we fight them in our homes

    right ?!?

    what a bunch of B.S.

    do you have a real question ?

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