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Isn't this global warming terrible? Snow storms are snarling traffic just north of LOS ANGELES.?


Will I have ice crystals in my underwear before that "warming trend " is finished?

Update 2:

We're not just talking cold here. We're talking record-breaking cold in many places in the recent years.

It still baffles the mind that high temperatures in one place can cause record-breaking cold in other places.

Update 3:

BARRY'S:---How does a pompous term like "penultimate" lend credibility to something that seems so illogical?

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    The weather does what the weather does. We are having record cold temperatures because the jet stream is dipping down from the arctic bringing frigid air across the entire country. It has nothing to do with global warming or global cooling. The droughts and heat waves this summer were due to a pair of stationary high pressure systems that settled over the south east and sothwest regions of the country. Those high pressure areas pushed away all the moisture channeling down the central plains. These are completely normal, if uncommon weather patterns. There is nothing about them that is outside the Earth's normal range of weather patterns. I think all this talk about human generated global warming is the ultimate in human arrogance. We like to think we control the entire world. So when things start to change in ways we do not understand, we think we must be the cause of it. We never step back and think that the Earth existed for 4 billion years without us and will keep existing long after we are gone. The climate has changed many times and will change many more times. If we want to keep living on this wonderful changing planet we'd better be able to adapt to its changes. Does the planet respond to what we do? Yes. Is it going to permanantly alter the course of the planet? No. The planet is far stronger and more resiliant than the human race. If the climate changes, as it has many times before, then we must change with it to survive. While I don't think anything we do will alter this planet's natural progression towards whatever climate change awaits it, I think most of the things that are proposed to combat the artificial boogey man of global warming will have generally benificial results if enacted responsibly. More trees, clean air, clean water, energy efficiency, reduction of dependecy on oil. As long as we don't bankrupt ourselves getting these things going, they will make life generally better, and can be made economically benificial too. The Key is to quit using scare tactics and start appealing to people's economic interests to get these policies working. And for climate change, let it come, or not. That is up to the Earth itself. Whatever will come we will adapt.

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    Warm(er) air is extra conducive to snowstorm considering that hot air holds extra moisture. But with out the ones bloodless arctic and polar fronts bringing freezing temperatures, the snow does not occur. Likewise, you wish to have a water supply. Whether this is a lake, river or ocean. The Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic-headquartered lows carry in water over most sensible the bloodless airmass. Many storms lose moisture as they ascend over mountainous areas. In essence they dry out. Many storms that begin close lakes won't produce very so much snow the further from that lake or lakes. But to mention that it's worldwide warming that's accounting for those snowfalls, is a succeed in. Things like a descending or ascending jet movement, an higher air trough, a vorticity max or another disturbance is what factors the raise crucial to provide clouds, which produces the threat for rain. These outbreaks, whether or not bloodless or hot don't seem to be always a harbinger of any worldwide fashion, however most probably, facet of a long run cyclical procedure, that has extra to do with the alternate of warmth among oceans and the encompassing sea surfaces and surroundings... JS- you simply proved my factor. It is hot air blending with chillier that produces this type of snow. it takes moisture and that comes from ocean our bodies, mainly for this type of occasion. It is it seems that obvious, that the majority right here recognise so little approximately local weather and climate. The ones who declare that is all junk technological know-how, has it proper

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    Yeah, it is. Global warming of course doesn't necessarily mean that every place gets warmer. Global warming causes unusual weather snow in Los Angeles.

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    Snow is always the penultimate result of global warming. The ultimate being scorching heat!!!

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    Short term weather in one place can overpower global warming - for a short time. But long term we're going nowhere but up, until we take serious action.

    This graph shows it nicely. Some years are unusually warm (1998), some unusually cold (1999). But the long term trend is undeniable, unless you reject science and data (some do).

    Good websites for more info:

    "climate science from climate scientists"

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    It has happened before and that was before the Global Warming scare!

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    the snow will melt and all the nuts will still yell out that we are in a drought

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    Watch "inconvenient" then have a drink everytime Al gets it wrong :-)

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