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Who is more matured mentally, man or a woman?

of course women are more matured mentally. they are full of emotions and really strong.

What are your views?


People answer this question happily happily, don't get serious. its just to have a good time and conversations :)

Wht iz dis brother, your mother must be strong than your father :)

Agree with Kinza,

Secret.. there u GO...(Y)

Wow... have fun... and Nafeez this is no war brother, m sure anyone replying to this question is smiling or doing looolzzz.. so relax..:)

Update 2:

Kevlar we are allowed to joke in Islam,unless it hurt anyone. And Allah has made them equal, Right now m not talking about the rights, its just a lite conversation, now please don't make me get serious. Ok?

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    W o M e N.

    From 18--19 a women can raise a family and her life is pretty much in order.

    Men its when they reach 28-29-30 that they start to make sense..lolz they stop and think around that age.

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    It really depends on the age and upbringing of the person. Many things contribute to a persons mental maturity. I personally think that women are less mentally stable then men because of hormonal reasons. Also, women tend to be more emotional and make decisions based on these emotions rather then facts or logic. This is why in Islam a woman's word (about things which happen) is not as equal as a mans.

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    Some women are stronger than men physically && vice versa. And some men are stronger than women mentally && vice versa. Basically what I'm trying to say is that it really depends on the individual. And all those who are closer to Allah (swt) also will be feel themselves getting stronger day by day.

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    Depends on the age...then it depends on the individual.

    If you are speaking about "looking at people of the opposite sex" and stuff as I have seen mentioned....I have often heard scholars say that women have a much larger sexual appetite than men do (like we are insatiable) but women have more haya (modesty, shame) in general so we don't act out on it in the same ways or as much.

    I've also heard them say that women tend to be more spiritual naturally therefore that is why men have so many more obligations towards women. These responsibilities are given to them because it balances us out.

    let's see how many thumbs down I get

    Source(s): Lectures/khutba I have heard.
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  • Did Allah S.W.T created us to argue about this?

    Are you trying to say that we, men are mentally retarded and emotionally weak?

    Because it doesn't matter.

    Why do we always argue about this? Are women superior than men? Are men superior than women?

    We already have an issue of Sunni and Shia. Do we want another one?

    We are what people look in Islam. Do we want to give a misconception about Islam?

    "Never will I alllow to be lost the work of any of you,male or female. You are one of another." (Qur'an, 3:195)

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    It depends but mostly its women coz women have got more sense of responsibility naturally so if they r in tough & unwanted conditions they will still try to cope up with the things.They have more flexibility.But its not always the same.Men takes time to realize things they can be easily stressed out & can be angry if the things r against their will & they want to do & make everything as they want,wont try to change themselves & their views so it shows their immaturity in my opinion

    Edit:☆ MΩηA ☆ that is y everything is so much mismanged :-s

  • I wouldnt generalise personally cuz i dont know all men and women on planet earth, but from what I know and a totally unbiased answer would truely be Female's, because they have to go through the most physically from a young age compared to males and have to give birth from that point of view, women!




    Source(s): EDIT: Green Arrow Good Point, I agree with that too.
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    In general Women, I admit it

    More Women convert to Islam, look at the ratio, for every four women one man converts to Islam.....Such a shame for us men!

    Men are less openminded than women, they lose their temper more easily...

    its the truth....I mean it...I mean men do have good points but not in the case you put forward

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    Only those who are closest to Allah SWT and his message are those who can claim the rights of knowledge over others.

    I have met many women that are far more intelligent than any man. And I have met many men that claim they are far more intelligent than each other.

    There is a system of operation to determine these things and it comes all the way down to how pretty your wife is in the end if they are equal to each other.

    No brother is better than another, other than in knowledge of Allah SWT.

    I have yet to see a women prophet have you?

    Men are the providers

    Women are the protectors....hense the rib!

    Source(s): Justice League Green Arrow
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    I'm surprised to see something so sexist from you, Maria. Didn't you just the other day say that everyone was made equal by Allah, or was that someone else who said that?


    Sorry, Maria, I thought you were being serious. My wife gets mad at me for mistakes like that, too, so don't feel like I'm singling you out for this!

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