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does the colouring of a tattoo hurt more or less than the outline of a tattoo?

i got my tattoo started today, just the outline but i was told by this bloke in the parlour that colouring the tattoo doesnt hurt, only the outline, the worst bit is over...

was he being sarcastic ?

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    no..he was being serious.

    generally (not always) outlines are done with thinner needles than the fill-in. thinner needles deliver a sharper pain- so they hurt a little more. which is one reason why people say the outline hurts more.

    secondly, the fill-in is a different technique than lining. i won't go in to exhausting detail of what techniques, i'll just say loooong liiines seem to hurt more which is another reason contributing to the outline being more painful.

    if you are getting ALOT of color- the longer a tattoo is worked on the more sore it gets. By the end of a 4 hour tattoo, your endorphins(natural pain relievers in your braing) will have worn off and you'll think it starts to hurt more.

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    I have a full back tattoo and did all of the thick outlining (4 hours worth) in one sitting. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life and I have a lot of tattoos but none this large (full back) where they needed to do thick, heavy, loooong lines. Seriously, many of the lines were over 8" long, up my spine, and the tattooist did them each in one long stroke... THAT is the worst part. The shading, blending, and working off the main lines doesn t hurt as bad. Would I have gotten the back tattoo again after what I experienced? Probably, because it has very significant meaning to me but I would definitely be second guessing myself.

    Seriously, not to scare anyone but the bigger the tattoo, the thicker the lines, the more painful the outline; especially over the spine, upper arms near the armpits, and around the flanks/love handles area. If you re going to get a full back (or front tattoo, which I believe is even worse), you have to be committed... not just to the 4 hours of thick outlining, but to the next 15 hours of shading, blending, and refining. Full back is about 20 hours if the artist is meticulous and cares about what they re tattooing. My guy charges me $100/hr (charges others $150/hr) so it s an expensive endeavor but in the end, it ll pay off.

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    I have a tattoo from the back of my neck to the edge of my shoulder and had it all in one 3 hour sitting. The outline was a walk in the park compared to the shading, especially when the tattooist kept going back to the same parts it was making my entire body shake. It was definitely worth it though and am going back for more, I suppose it depends on your pain threshold, if you are worried about the pain get a tattoo that won't take too long as it was bearable for a while but after about an hour it was hell!!! Best of luck.

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    I got my tattoo Monday night. (My first)

    The outline was definitely the worst part. I also got coloring. The green ink stung more than the other colors.

    Also, the reason that the coloring hurts less is because they use 2 different tattoo guns. The outline needles and the coloring needles are in a different arrangement which apparently causes less pain.

    My ink:

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    I found the coloring to hurt worse than the outline. My tattoo took 2 hours of outlining, which tickled, and about an hour for coloring.

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    Outlining is usually far worse than colouring, but it depends where on you body it is. If it goes over a tender area (inner thigh or inner bicep) then it's all going to hurt - especially in the bits where the nerves join like at the top of the arm around the arm pit. I got pains up to my chin and down my leg when my tattooist hit that bit!

    Don't worry about it - in the scale of things it doesn't last very long.

    Good luck with it.

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    Tatoo Outline

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    No, not sarcastic. I can't speak for everyone, but for all of my tattoos, the outline was more painful than the fill. I think because the fill-in was a constant needle in the same general area, it eventually became numb for me, and it was the easiest part - pain wise.

    Then again, it all depends on your threshold for pain! Good luck! :)

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    to me the only thing that hurt was after a bit the skin was tender but I wouldn't say the outline hurt anymore than the colour

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    Most people say the outline is the worst, but when I got mine it was the color that hurt bad. It seems like it should hurt the same though, lol.

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