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do u have to see ditto to catch him on 218?

i ve looked for hours cant find it is the another place besides 218? plz help happy to trade somthing

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    Ditto is only available on route 218 after you have the National dex. You can get the National Dex by seeing all 150 pokemon of Sinnoh and defeating the Elite Four

    After that you should also recieve a poke rader which helps you find pokemon hiding in tall grass, use that and eventually you should find one. It appears at levels 29 and 30 so an Ultra Ball will do the job with ease

    Ditto only has a 22% appearance rate but its worth it, being the only pokemon that can learn transform. It can also breed with any other pokemon if you leave them at the daycare centre.

    Hope that helped

    Source(s): Bitter Experience and for levels and experience rates
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    Ditto appears on route 218 only when you're using pokeradar. Even then, it is rare so you still have to look.

    Otherwise, transfer ditto via Pal Park or get someone to trade you a ditto.

    I think I have a spare ditto if you want to trade with me. Email me if you're interested.

    EDIT: Oh, and you do need the national dex before you can even get the pokeradar, let alone ditto.

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    you need the national dex. go to route 218 with the pokeradar and you will eventually find one

    or you could migrate it from fire red or leaf green

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    id also like to know i think u need the national pokedex though please tell me if u find out

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