I ended my job search, should I inform the other company I interviewed at?

I work in the entertainment industry and accept jobs on a project by project basis. I recently started and then ended a job search, accepting a position that will last for half a year. However, I was also interviewing at a major studio that would have been my first choice company to work for. They spoke with me on the phone and promised to forward my information on to a few departments.

My question is this: I want to keep in touch with the recruiter at the major studio. Is it better to write a thank you note, letting the major studio know I have already been hired but to keep me in mind for the future? Or should I not, because that act may disqualify me from further consideration?

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  • rajesh
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    1 decade ago
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    It is better to inform them because this will pay way for them (major studio) to search for a another potentially suited candidate.

    Also while telling them do mention them that you will be here for a project that will lasts for at least 6 months and will be available immediately for any future works.

    This will just increase your repetition and will not spoil any future chances as such.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A note is probably not going to be remembered or taken seriously. Do you have their email address? It would be good to send a note that way. And let them know that you admire their studio and would like the chance to work with them in the future. While on your new job, don't hesitate to drop the recruiter a message to say "hello" and ask them if they are looking for anyone. Maybe if you get a referral or help them out they will remember you and you can build a relationship with them. I am a recruiter and I know that with so many names, contacts, and people I talk to, I do forget about hot candidates that I would like to know when they finish so I can get them. It's just hard to keep track of everything. So putting your feelers out there and networking with the hiring professionals does bring you some kudos when you are looking for something again.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely let them know. Send a thank-you card along with your business card (easier to roll-o-dex!). Mention how you would look forward to working with them in the future. If possible, deliver the thank-you note and then a week or two after (be sure it's arrived), drop by for an unexpected visit. Talk to the recruiter, let him/her get to know you pretty well. Try to mention your new job, and what you hope to gain from it (preferably something related to the potential job at the other firm!). Also mention you'd be interested in any other work this firm has to offer. If the conversation turns awkward, be sure to leave before you're subtly asked to leave (saying "Thanks, but I have to run" is better than them saying "Thanks, but I'm kinda busy...").

    Follow up when your current job runs out. Mention your recruiter personally, and if possible, meet with him/her again.

    I know the feeling though, having to turn down other jobs you'd love to have because of your current one. Be sure to cancel, however... I've had to cancel about six job interviews coming up and the majority of people I've spoken to have thanked me for cancelling rather than just not showing.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would let them know out of courtesy. That way if you want to go back to that company you look more reliable.

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