Anyone have the SADLIER-OXFORD vocab book?

I am in Level C. and would like to check my answers with yours because i would like to get a good grade on this. Whoever helps will get best answer.

thanks so much!

Oh and i am on UNIT 9.


1. renown

2. awry

3. mien

4. chafe

5. encroach

6. fend

7. endow

8. capitulated

9. disgruntled

10. pertinent

11. penal

12. impunity

13. bludgeon

14. recluse

15. dire

16. predominant

17. prodigies

18. disarming

19. apt

20. defiled

Thats it. I think the other stuff is correct. So thank you so much!

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    1. renown:Neil Armstrong won great renown for being the first man on the moon.

    2. awry:We couldn't hear the cello very well because the balance with the piano was awry. OR He was a scruffy man whose clothes were always hopelessly awry (= untidy).

    3. mien:His aristocratic mien and smart clothes singled him out.

    4. chafe:(to be annoyed)He was a man of vision who chafed against the cruel practices of his time.OR (to make or become damaged or sore by rubbing)This lotion should stop your skin from chafing so much.

    5. encroach:The National Trust has recently bought the farm to save it from the threat of encroaching building development.

    6. fend:Now that the children are old enough to fend for themselves, we can go away on holiday alone.

    7. endow:The National Gallery in Washington was endowed by Andrew W Mellon.

    8. capitulated:The sports minister today capitulated to calls for his resignation.

    9. disgruntled:A disgruntled former employee is being blamed for the explosion.

    10. pertinent:The chapters which are pertinent to the post-war period are essential reading.

    11. penal:Many people believe that execution has no place in the penal system of a civilized society.

    12. impunity:The ability of the nationalists to carry out bomb attacks with impunity has shocked the French people.

    13. bludgeon:The two boys had been mercilessly bludgeoned to death.

    14. recluse:She has led the life of a recluse since her husband died.

    15. dire:He gave a dire warning about the likelihood of there being an earthquake.

    OR This decision will have dire consequences for local people.

    16. predominant:Dancers have a predominant role in this performance.

    17. prodigious:Agatha Christie wrote a truly prodigious number of novels.

    18. disarming:He displayed a disarming honesty by telling them about his father's bankruptcy.

    19. apt:Chris produced an apt comment which summed up how we all felt.

    20. defiled:The city has been defiled by ugly buildings.OR ALSO a very narrow valley between two mountains

    Good Luck!

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    Just give us your answers and then we will be able to check yours' rather than you check ours.

    After all, it is you who has to do the homework.

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