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此外 我想要表達「你應該把你的問題描述清楚,如此一來,大家能更快的解決你的問題。」該如何說

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    這是典型用should 完成式的用法, 用以代表該做而沒做

    1. 你之前應該告訴我

    You should have told me about that.

    2. 你應該把你的問題描述清楚,如此一來,大家能更快的解決你的問題。

    You should have described the problems clearer, thus, we could help you to solve the problems quicker.

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    都沒有人同時把兩個句子翻對. 我會投給4號的(1)和5號的(2).

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    你之前應該告訴我--------------You should tell me that in the past.

    你應該把你的問題描述清楚,如此一來,大家能更快的解決你的問題---------------You should tell us your question clearly so we can solve your question faster.

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    "You should have told be before."

    should have + pp 用作 "過去應該..., 可是卻沒有"



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    You should have told me more clearly.

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    You should tell me that beforehand.

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    You should describe your questions clearly,therefore everybody can solve

    it against time.

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