Plan to Las Vages?

I will arrive there on Jan 26th around 3pm. I am staying at Circus Circus...(plz say no more about here... I know it is not good and far but I made the reservation before I knew the fact so...) I will stay till 28th 5pm. Could anyone help me to make a plan for this trip...? I don't drive and I am under 21 as well... I am going with a friend who is 26 though. It is a farewell trip with my friend so I hope it will be as perfect as possible... Btw, we do not have a high budget... maybe try some free shows and... I don't know... Anyways, could someone help me plan a day-by-day plan... Thank you. p.s. we have shuttle bus to the hotel from airport.


Sorry sorry. I spelled the place wrong... it's Las Vegas...

Update 2:

o MGM Grand: What exactly the rooms people are always talking about are?

o Paris Las Vegas: dinner on the top?

o Treasure Island: Sirens

o Venetian

o Wynn: dinner buffet?

o Circus Circus: Midway Show (from 11am)

o Stratosphere Tower

Update 3:

Above are the things that I am not sure if we should do... and also, should we take Monorail? Where is the best for buffet...? Thank you.

Update 4:

I know the buffet is very expensive... but if we are just going for once... which one is a must-try...? Oh we are not going for the theme park in Circus Circus, just some free show like circus. And we are not going to the rides on top of the tower, just want to know if the view worth to check out.

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    1. It's not to bad to stay Circus Circus, it's located just right of the north of the Las Vegas Strip. Walking along the street toward south (do not cross the street), you will be able to walk through a bunch of hotels and casinos. There's a free show right inside of the Circus Circus.

    2. Regarding to the free shows, the following web has a whole list of them.

    3. Some of the free shows that play in every hour are located right in front of the hotels, such as

    - Volcano at the Mirage, you'd better get there like 15 minutes earlier to see it.

    - Fountains at Bellagio

    4. If you feel cold, just stay inside the hotels for free shows. I had a lot of pictures taken inside the hotels, where are decorated like street fronts to house little shops and restaurants.

    5. People stay late as possible, since the night in Las Vegas is so much prettier. Which means, you'd probably get up at lunch time the next day.


    Go for a nice buffet dinner at Caesars.. kind of spicy, but you'd need some energy to walk around. The line to be seated will be long at dinner time, which is the reason I recommend you that you guys get there right on the first day. And you can just walk around Las Vegas Strip for the first day


    Get up at lunch time. You can go for a buffet lunch at your hotel. Check out the Circus Circus free show. Since you are under 21, there's an arcade for people under 21 to play in that hotel as well.

    Take a taxi to Fremont Street (Las Vegas downtown)

    It's cheaper to gamble in downtown. Take a chance on a card game or just play slot machines. Then wait for the evening to come for the free show:


    Get up at lunch time. Walk cross the street of Las Vegas Strip, you can visit all those little stores that you would have missed and take pictures of those grand hotels on the other side of the street. And, get back to the hotel and hit the road.

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    Sure, you can take monorail when you feel tired from walking. The distance from one hotel to another is large.

    I personally never like theme parks, so those rides did not attract me. But since you are a young man, you may find them interesting.

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    Just let you know, it costs quite a bit to eat out around Strip. Wynn Buffet would cost you > $35 a person on weekends. I think you'd be paying for the deco. Comparing with other buffet restaurants in that area. the buffet in Circus Circus is much less:

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