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quality of eyeglasses bought online?

I've bought two pairs of eyeglasses online with my current prescription, but they feel funny when I try to use them - they are better than no glasses, but noticably worse than the current glasses that I wear (the same prescription) even though those glasses are quite scratched.

If you've bought glasses online, how have you found them? Where did you buy them from?

I bought mine from Zenni optical because they were really cheap and I had heard good comments about them.

The glasses I received are too small for my face - I thought I had the measurements from my prescription filled into the online form correctly, and I thought I was getting the correct size. In the future, if I buy online, how can I know which glasses to choose? I don't understand the information given for each pair of glasses on the online sites - which numbers correspond to the total width of the glasses between the earpieces (if I know that I can measure against my current eyeglasses)??

Thanks very much

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    I have bought one pair of regular glasses online and one pair of prescription sunglasses. Because of price, I am now able to have two or three pairs I so desire and I can afford to replace my glasses and still have money to pay the bills.

    The best way to get glasses that fit is to take out a comfortable pair that you have and measure the temple (from the beginning of the 90º curve, not from the hinge, to the end of the curve behind your ear), the bridge (distance between the lenses), and the width and height of the lens. Most websites will show all of these measurements and you can compare what you have and like with that for which you are shopping. Note that all measurements are in millimeters.

    When I bought my first pair online, I was so pleased with the quality and price that I started a website informing others about the option of buying glasses online. You can visit it at the link below if you are interested, where you will find much more information and details on finding the right pair of glasses over the internet.

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    I buy mine from They have a complete measuring guide. Mine are progressive lenses which are much harder to get right, and they are BETTER than the ones I bought from an optical store. So I trust these guys. The packaging will scare you, but somehow they arrive safely. I guess that in itself is a testament to the quality of the glasses? Also mine are rimless and they have no "wobble" after a year. Pretty good I think.

    N.B. This may be worthy of note, I considered Zenni initially but they "couldn't" do my prescription. Make of that what you will.

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    Buying glasses online is so lame to begin with.

    How can anyone expect to get accuracy from an online store who has never even seen you. You certainly aren't going to get quality at those prices either.

    I think those who fall for that to try and save a few bucks, deserve all the problems they get.

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    online= shity

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