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Im been playing Need For Speed ProStreet For the PS2 and I got a Dodge Charger R/T and a Zonda F and i dont understand why my cars wont do a wheelie, can someone help me..... my Charger is running about 818 hp and about 664 torque and i cant get the front end in the air and my Zonda F is running about 1108 hp and about 800 torque and i cant get that in the air either, someone help and remember its for the PS2. Am I not running enough torque or am i doing something wrong on the cars PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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    You'll need a muscle car with oodles of BHP to qualify for Wheelie

    Competitions. Personally, I use a 500 bhp Chevelle, but people

    have had huge success with Dodge Chargers, Supras, and Zondas. In wheelie

    events, your aim is to keep the car on its two rear wheels over as long a

    distance as possible.

    Remember, to pass a wheelie event and win, it is quite important that you shift

    when the meter is in the red or the green. Of course, we'd love to get all

    perfect shifts, but that is quite a challenge with a 1000 BHP monster. Also

    key to winning these events is Nitrous. Hit the NOS button when the front

    end starts to go down.

    ****** How to perform a wheelie ******

    To pop wheelies, the car you are using must have at least Level 3 suspension,

    below that, you are not even going to get 10 feet. The Supra and Chevelle are

    great wheelie cars, in fact, I use a 500 bhp Chevelle which can wheelie the

    whole quarter mile. These are the upgrades that are highly recommended to make

    a good wheelie car.

    Engine - Level 3

    Drivetrain - Level 3

    Forced Induction - Level 3

    Suspension - Level 3

    Brakes - Level 2 (upgrade later, not that important)

    Nitrous - Level 3 (most important after engine/drivetrain)

    Tires - Level 2 or 3 (preferably 3)

    Body Kit - Wide Body Kit (for Supra), any other for other cars

    Spolier - Any, make sure you AutoSculpt it

    Wheels - Any

    Tuning is not essential and you should not use it much for Wheelie Competitions,

    it isn't needed. Secondly, as soon as you hit third gear in a wheelie, hit the

    nitrous button to maintain the wheelie, without nitrous in a wheelie, I can

    barely scrape past 780 feet, and with nitrous I can, as mentioned earlier, go

    on for more than a thousand feet.

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    don't listen to that long question, it just tells you a bunch of stuff not necessary.

    all you have to do is autosculpt the rear wheels bigger and raise the car height from the "tune" menu. my chevelle has 594 bhp and it can do wheelies almost the whole 1/4 mile track, so urs should be able to the whole track.

    hope this helped, good luck racing!

  • 5 years ago

    i cant do a wheelie

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