Would US invaded Iraq if most soldiers were upper middle income class?

One can see most are lower poorer class with less education are fighting in Iraq. No major opposition for this reason?

Someone told me the after a while in Vietnam they started the draft so richer people were drafted to fight and then you see major oppostions later from the parents. The richewr parents.

Now, the poorer parents are coming out but nobody cares about them complaining of this war. My guess is you need richer folks to come out to protest before they will withdraw the soldiers.

Also, the nation is about to lose $1 trillion in this war to fight terrorism but the fact is terrorism is spreading and grwoing in the Middle East. They did a good job of homeland security though which I praise but terror groups are growing in more nations than ever before so we have lost the fight with terrorism. You need those nations to fight with you in order to win terrorism.


This war will be approaching 1 trillion before all troops are withdrawn. In fact, some people told me Cheney and Secretary of military were CEOs or contractors that benefited if US go to this war.

So, money was probably was involved. I believe there were major corruption involved and connections to the military industries.

This war was not for fighting terrorism but maybe for oil and also putting an Ally for the USA in the middle east.

Most soldiers are high school grads not college students. They were tricked to fight this war as well. No opposition for this war because most are high school lower level educated humans. They also might believe in God to fight axis of evil. When they hear the word evil, they got out of their chairs to join. They fight and kill willingly.

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    Absolutely. This is a banker's war. They loan money to the US government. The loans are backed by the full taxing authority of the Federal Government (that means you and me). They are then able to force Iraq to resume taking the US dollar in payment for oil (they quit about a year before the war). This helps to tighten a diluted US dollar. They throw the politicians a piece of kibble (defense contracts for their buddies), increase the debt burden on the average citizen, decrease the credit quality of the US $ overseas, pave the way for the Amero, and eventually a one world currency. As long as the Ultra wealthy elite socialists don't get killed, everyone else is expendable, with few exceptions. The middle class is being eliminated and liquidated into the lower classes as our standard of living decreases from inflation (inflation is purely a monetary phenomenon). This has been going on since WWI.

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    I am tired of hearing this ridiculous stereotype. Today's servicemen and women are predominately middle class high school or college graduates. It is actually much harder to enter the service without an education. From the day you enter the service higher education is pushed. You will find that many enlisted have a degree whether an associates, bachelors or masters.

    Also understand that "parents" have nothing to do with it. These are men and women that for whatever reason decided to join an all volunteer force to do what they believe is right.

    If we, the service members have a major opposition to the way this country is being led we will do what every responsible citizen will do and contact our senators and representatives, and vote,

    Don't ever think that today's military is like something you saw in a civil war movie. I challenge anyone to find a more pro-active, motivated and involved group out there.

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    The funnest part is, this

    $474 billion has been spent as of December 5, 2007, based on current expenditure rates


    Less than half of what you claim. Actually, your sure to find out- and thumbs down me- ignoring what i said, so ill put this up top.

    What in God's name are you talking about? Few US servicemen are poor- and even fewer are under the poverty line. Most come from middle income families, and a surprising amount come from around the 80k Capita area.

    To even be considered to join the army, you have to pass a series of tests, all of them intelligence tests. I took the short version of it a few years ago, my school GPA was 3.8 and i didn't even qualify to join the rangers! If i recall correctly, i was 20 whole points behind.

    Go here, follow the side links, take the qualification tests- see your own scores, then tell me if you think people in the US armed forces have a poor education, and intelligence!


    @ The average American IQ is 98, the average enlisted man's IQ is 105

    I would like to see where you pull your statistics from buddy, they reek of the hippie generation crap.

    1 Trillion? sounds like a big number right? The American economy is a 13.7 trillion dollar monster, pumping out a gross income (GNI) of 2.5 trillion a year in government revenue a year.

    So tell me, how many years since combat operations began? 2003, march? So, lets count.

    2003 (1)

    2004 (2)

    2005 (3)

    2006 (4)

    2007 (5)

    So more or less equal to 5 years ( Actually March 20th, 2003, to Whats today? Almost February 2008) So its not even a complete 5 years yet. And the total operations cost in Iraq is 400B. Thats pretty cheap as far as operations on this scale go.

    I doubt you even read past the first paragraph- before ignoring everything and thumbs downing this- but for your information the majority of recruits are just out of high school, or within a few year post time. (17-21)

    Lmao! i sent you to a anti-Iraq war website!...kind of ironic, the first source for the cost was a anti-war website lol

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    Every recruit today has to have a high school diploma, bud. Most, if not all, go to college through the military. By no means are they stupid. If you think this, I would have to question your own intelligence. All of my friends in high school were well off or middle class, and are join the military. 1 Army Infantry, USMC, 4 MPs, 1 Air Force.

    Also, soldiers follow orders, it's their jobs. They wouldn't cut and run because a few people, like you, think they can speak for them. In the future, keep the soldiers out of your political nonsense.

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    Uh, in case you were not aware, the invasion of Iraq was not done based upon a vote by the public. The sheeple were not asked. The cowards in the house and the senate were involved. Supposedly they are all in the upper class - they make a lot more bucks than most people I know!

    Chickenhawks in the driver's seat, gutless democrats finally the majority in the house and senate, and the sheeple asleep. What more could bushit and thug ask for?

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    The armed services are all volunteers. I don't think it would make a difference what kind of family they come from. Our men and women in uniform know they are joining a military organization and they are subject to war at any time the country calls upon them. That's what their jobs are all about.

    As to who signs up, well the fact is this is a free country and anyone can ask to be considered for armed service. They must want to join or why did they?

    Source(s): tlss
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "One can see . . ."?????

    How about Googling:

    Education level average U.S. soldier.

    Look at what turns up, and think real hard about why little if anything turns up which supports the point of view that the majority of the people in the military are poor and opressed.

    Of course, you're allowed to believe whatever you want, but belief and reality don't always have a lot to do with each other.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The average education level of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines is higher than that of the average civilian. Every officer has a degree along with a large portion of enlisted troops. This is in addition to the professional military education courses that civilians never get.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Most recruits are middle class.

    Post-9-11 Military Recruits Wealthier, Better Educated, Study Shows


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  • brandl
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    3 years ago

    i don't sense that the wealthy sense that it is the activity of the working class, deprived or the destructive to serve and take care of the pastime and rights of the human beings. i think that it is each and every able bodied man or woman to accomplish that and to make a unsleeping decision on somewhat or no longer they prefer to connect the protection rigidity for the purpose of keeping u.s. at despite value. lots of people who connect the protection rigidity is in many circumstances the deprived and destructive because of fact they prefer to confirm the worldwide by the way of return and forth or they prefer to get a extra physically powerful preparation after no longer receiving a scholarship from their severe college or they stay in a small city and merely prefer to destroy out. understand this in case you have been president and had to decide on based on the undeniable fact that your us of a grew to become into attacked under your watch what could you do? in case you have little ones of your very own; i won't be able to think of you letting your little ones pass to conflict or making them sign in, back it is in reaction to their man or woman decision. in case you have somebody interior the protection rigidity which you recognize needs to return domicile, it is somewhat useful to chat with them approximately it and locate the excuses why they prefer to return domicile and in line with hazard they could communicate with their lieutenant or Sargent and that they are able to get their concerns to the spectacular government. i'm specific which could artwork. think of them telling their concerns to their officers and their concerns no longer being regarded into or responded. I desire you plenty success.

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