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I got my hand in bleach about 6 hours ago and it has been hurting ever since but now it is REALLY burning I can't stand it and my mom says it will go away but I have been reading that if you dont do something it can get worse. I also am watching my sister's baby right now and am scared to pick her up and my mom will not do it PLZ TELL ME SOMETHING I CAN DO AT HOME THAT WILL NOT MAKE THIS HURT WORSE

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    First wash it thoroughly in water to make sure there is no bleach left.

    Also, I think bleach is alkaline, so a bit of vinegar, whcih is acidic, in water should neutralize it, but wait for an expert on this to corroborate my guess.

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    Wash wash wash with cool water. Look at the back of the bottle of bleach you were using. It should have some information about burns and what happens if it gets on your skin. There may also be a number for a poisons information centre. Call them because they deal with things like this everyday. They can tell you how long you'll need to flush your hand with water and if any other things need to be applied. I do need to stress that you should flush the hand with water, due to the fact that if you did have a small cut on your hand, the bleach will likely be sitting in the cut causing you pain and burning.

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    Hopefully you did the standard thing for chemical burns of putting it under running water for 20 mins, if it still hurts after that then take the container with you to see a nurse/doctor.

    Sometimes applying things at home can make it worse, as the new skin has not got the protection, many people infect burns in this way.

    I am a first aid trainer and sciene teacher.

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    Call poison control now.(1-800-222-1222) Call someone else that is willing to help you come over and watch the baby, you don't need another accident on your hands especially when you are down one. You should be rinsing and rinsing this hand until you know whether or not you need to go to the emergency room. Burns are serious, get professional help.

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    Apparently you had a cut somewhere on your hand. Continue to hold your hand under cool running water or place it in a cool soak. Make a water & sugar paste (not runny) and apply it to your hand, this should aleviate the burning. If this doesn't help, type the question in your address box for other answers or call the 800 # on the Clorox bottle. Sorry you're in pain.

  • well my suggestion would be to soak it in cool water and change the water every now and then to keep it cool and also go to the link provided and read it for yourself.

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    Chemical burn! Go to a doctor!

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