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Is McCain's "liberal" reputation fair?

The American Conservative union shows John McCain to have an 82.3% lifetime rating on supporting conservative causes in the United States Congress. This compares to 16.8% for Joe Lieberman, 9% for Hillary Clinton, 8% for Barack Obama, and 2.5% for Ted Kennedy.

Others more in McCain's league there are Sam Brownback of Kansas (94%), Charles Grassley of Iowa (83.3%), and the late Rep. Henry Hyde, who fought to impeach Bill Clinton. (84.6%)

I won't disagree that McCain has crossed party lines a few times, particularly on a few sore spot issues such as immigration, although George W. Bush is no hardliner on immigrants either. McCain is by and large a conservative, backing free trade, opposing abortion, and has the military service to back his words in saying he supports the troops.

So considering that much, is John McCain really a "liberal", or is it just a few key issues that make him intolerable to some Republicans? If the latter, which issues in particular?

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    1. McCain/Feingold

    2. McCain/Kennedy

    3. Against Bush tax cuts, infact he claims they hurt the middle class and helped the rich. Something a liberal democrat would say.

    4. Supports "No Child Left Behind." Which is more federal involvement into education.

    5. Said he would increase the number of federal farm subsidies Iowa, for more of the inefficient corn ethanol.

    6. Is on the man made global warming band wagon, and the government regulations on business that come with it.

    7. Favors federal involvement in a marriage amendment and banning abortion. Sure those are conservative positions, but true conservatives leave these issues to the states to decide for themselves, not the federal government.

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    I see John McCain as being very liberal. At least on the real issues. As in War. True Conservatives are anti-war. It baffle me to think that the republican party have changed so much over the years. Republicans use to get elected because the Democrats started wars and let them drag on and on.

    Another thing that makes him liberal is immigration.

    Abortion is just a talking point that neither Republican nor Democrat will actually try to fix.

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    well conservative compared to democrats, he is indeed. But compared to Republicans, especially today's Reagan Republicans, he is a bleeding heart tax increasing Confederate Flag hating commie. Deciding what is liberal and conservative should not be defined by a percentage, but compared to the party's public views. And McCain is liberal on the issues MOST DEAR to republicans except Iraq.

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    McCain is NOT a liberal. If you question that issue please read the following 2 articles.

    I am a Republican & I don't understand why all the "conservative" talk show hosts keep perpetuating this myth. I have studied all the Republican candidates & if anyone looks a bit liberal it is Mitt Romney. Why they don't ever mention his past liberal record is suprising to me.

    The thing I like about McCain is the fact that he tries to bring both sides together so they can get things done. I think there are alot of people who agree with me so, why do so many in the Republican party act like we all have to be totally in lock step with their opinion or we aren't "REAL Republicans"???

    McCain may be controversial to some but, I for one like that he fights for what he believes in. He has a strong record in the Senate of reform & if anyone in this race has a record of trying to "change" Washington it is McCain.

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    McCain sounds a lot like GWB only he does know how to speak with a little more intelligence. I think he would still like to represent the war mongering military special interest that exist and supports the present military ideal of fight first, talk later........

  • In a word....yes.

    McCain's ability to annoy the Conservative base of the Republican party will be demonstrated shortly in the state primaries coming up in which he will be facing a largely republican/conservative audience with no crossover voting from democrats and "independents".

    I, for one, will neither forgive nor forget his McCain-Feingold, which puts dampers on my first Amendment free speech rights.

    I'd sooner write my dog's name in than vote for him.

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    No, he is mostly considered a moderate. But I dont think its a bad thing that he has been willing to hear out and go with the Democratic side, he is willing to cross party lines to learn and possibly better the country. He should be commended for willing to work with the Dems.

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    sure, his comeback has been surprising. Who might have "thunk it?". i visit help and vote for John McCain. he will serve his us of a properly as president as he has in all areas of his existence.

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    No it is not fair because what he has done is reach across the aisle and get some pretty staunch Liberals to support programs he wants to introduce by giving them a little support. I think that is the definition of Bipartisan and isn't that what we want our Representatives working for us and not against us.

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    He spoke out against the confederate flag before the SC primary in 2000, then retracted his statement. A very "liberal" move. He is also pro illegal immigrant amnesty.

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