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Asian Drama?

What are some less well known asian dramas with happy endings?

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    There are many many Asian dramas that have happy ending...and many that have no so happy ending...If you like Asian drama with English subtitle go to:

    Once you pick the one you want to watch, you will get to see them and decide if you like it or not.

    Mostly of the popular ones are quite good that is why they are popular. There are a few that is good with happy ending but one has to decide if they like it or not.

    I like that are Taiwan

    - The Prince who turns into a Frog

    - Romantic Princess

    - My Lucky Star

    - It Started with a Kiss and They Kissed Again (Sequel)

    - Smiling Pasta

    - Why Why Love

    - Magician of Love

    - Devil Beside You

    All of these have happy endings.

    Korean Drama I like:

    Witch Yoo Hee

    Hotaru no Hikari

    Dal Ja's Springs

    My Love Patzzi


    My Girl

    Princess LuLu

    Save the Last Dance for Me

    Coffee Prince

    Again these have happy ending.

    Japanese Drama

    Hana Kimi E (Japan)

    Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2

    Nodame Cantabile

    Nobuta wo Produce

    These have happy ending...however there are many good Japanese dramas just that some are not really love stories, but they are good.

    I hope these helps you to decide which dramas you might want to watch either they are popular or not.

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    Here is the list of all Best Asian dramas (Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai):

    Hope You'll love it!


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    You mean TV or like real life drama(where people got hurt)? Well soap operas, dont know any. Even though I am Asian and my friends love those stuff, I was never interested in those kinds of things. I will change my anwer if anything comes to mind. And for real life events I probably misunderstood, right?

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    "No", or "Noh" theater, ancient (medieval) Japanese art-form, highly stylized both in terms of story, costume, movement and musical accompaniment. Later traditional "Kabuki" theater is equally moral (thus the happy ending), and stylized, if a bit more accessible.

    But I like Noh better -- it's quite akin to the high period of Abstract Painting in our Western art, in that it touches on a visceral level. Even so, when i saw a performance in New York which featured discreet panels of translation of the actors' text at the sides of the outdoor stage, it sure helped, for me anyway.

    At the opposite end of the scale, and beyond the currently popular Manga comics, you might like to check out the outrageously violent but fantastic "Ichi the Killer", a film by Miike that's certainly a dramatic art-form you won't see duplicated in the West, at least in terms of quality. Can't say that has a happy ending -- but it's comedic if you don't mind the sight of blood. Sort of an ultra-modern Sweeny Todd, if you like.

    More romantic is the Hawaiian Hula, which is always narrative and tells a nice story through dance, so they say.

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    I really liked the Korean drama Someday!

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    18 Jin bu Jin

    Summer x Summer

    These two all had low viewer ratings, but i thought they were pretty good.

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    W two worlds is awesome

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    All In

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    windstruck or my sassy girl

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