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Were my so-called friends out of line for this?

Last summer, I invited some friends to stay with me the weekend to celebrate my 25th bday. The 4 of them came to my place and behaved in a way I found to be disrespectful.

First off, no one even said Happy Bday or brought me card or nothing (I wasn't expecting a gift but acknolwegde my 25th). While here, they just wanted to go to the roof of my building to smoke weed and then stole my keys. Later that night, we went to a restaurant. No one even offered to pay for my meal or buy me a drink at least once in the whole night. To top it off, some didn't even want to pay the cover to go into the club or chip in for a bottle of liquor to get a table. WTF?

I put on a happy face at first. Later I burst into tears. I wouldn't tell what was bothering me. I just said I wasn't feeling well. I just wanted to leave and go home at that point. Everyone got mad at me. I lost a lot of long (10 + year) friendships because of that. What do you think?

This was 6 months ago but it's on my mind.


By the way, I vowed never ever to celebrate another birthday in my life due to this incident. Would you go that far?

Update 2:

Thanks for your answers. Another friend who met up with us later accused me of throwing a tantrum and acting like a spoiled brat because I cried! Can you believe it? I don't want to let these incidents scar me but I feel this was the first in a recent chain of negative events in my life. Thanks for understanding, I really do appreciate someone knowing how I feel about this.

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    I know that you are a well educated woman and that your vocabulary is much greater than mine but I 'm gonna teach you five very familiar words that you need to know in order to survive in this world .

    "I Love You" and "F**k You " Got It ? and then don't hesitate to use either one of them when it's appropriate to do so.

    In simple English your friends are dirt- bags and thus are not worthy of your friendship

    The focal point of this whole exercises is your own sense of self worth .

    Once you get that part figured out then you will not tolerate those who don't value your worth . You will recognize the users and abuser for who they truly are and dispose of them early enough in the game so as not to cause anything more than a mere discomfort in you life

    Find people who value you for who you are and stay the hell away from those who don't

    One last thing :You didn't lose a ten year friendship rather you ended a ten year cycle of disrespect

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    I would have been upset if they stole my keys too, and not even acknowledge my birthday while staying at my place, and to top it off smoke weed in my presence. I mean, you had a reason to be mad and all, but that's the past. Me personally, I would be angry, and if they have been my friends for over a decade, I would call them up and tell them how they made me feel that evening. They weren't really true friends. But yea, they were out of place for disrespecting you.

    I hope things will get better for you. I mean it. But just because your b day was ruined, dosen't mean that you can't celebrate another one. Don't let one event mess up you enjoying your special day.

    Every dissapointment is a blessing. Remember that.

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    That is not the way good friends should act towards other good friends. They took advantage of your hospitality and sound like a bunch of ingrates to me. What ever happened to the all for one and one for all aspect of friendship? Surely it didn't only exist within the Three Musketeers, because my lifetime friends don't treat me that way at all. I think you are better off without those pot heads. Their brains must be too fried for them to know better. If you ask me, they are the spoiled brats and proved it by being so selfish in their actions. I wouldn't let them ruin anymore birthdays for me. I'd celebrate with someone new and be proud to be grown up. Doesn't sound much like they ever will.

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    First of all, don't let anyone ruin your future plan for your birthday. If those "so-called" friends of yours were from 10+ years...then they definitely are not worth it. True friends at least say happy birthday and treat you with respect and they definitely don't steal your keys and go smoke weed without you!....Oh and by the way...They did act out of line! Word of advice....Choose better friends....

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    Thats gay. I would feel the same way too if my close friends did that to me. maybe you just have to tell them the truth.

    i never celebrated my birthday because i hate celebrating my birthdays...but i would definetely plan a suprise party for my close friends. thats messed up. you have to choose wisely when it comes to friends.

    hope everything goes well

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    ok i stopped reading when you said they went to your roof to smoke weed those arn't your friends trust me and they didn't even tell you a happy birthday or even a present and then you said they didn't offer you ameal or drink your a sweet girl don't take **** from those pot heads i am one myself by the way but got a big heart

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    Just because ur "friends" did that to you, don't hurt yourself by not celebrating ur birthday! Find new, better friends and celebrate ur birthday every only happens once a year have fun with it!

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    They are not your friends even if you have know them for so long. You should ditch them ASAP because they just making use of you. Friends do not and will not behave like the way they did to you.

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    They sound pretty selfish and i don't blame you for getting upset.You'll just have to move on but don't go as far as never celebrating again, just choose different friends!

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