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Will the xbox 360 wireless usb adapter work with a wireless "N" network?

I currently have a linksys WRT54G wireless "G" router and I will be looking to upgrade soon to a wireless "N" network because of the highly acclaimed dramatic speed and bandwidth increase. My laptop has a 54mbps internal wireless card and I'm 90% positive that I wont have a problem connecting that to the "N" network, but I'm not sure if my xbox 360 wireless network adapter will work with the "N" setup. I know I'll definitly be staying with linksys routers since they are hands down the best quality and provide the strongest signal. But I'm not sure which model to get. I was thinking of either the WRT160N with range booster or the WRT310N. Any suggestions? Also, if it turns out that the xbox 360 wireless adapter doesnt work with the "N" network, could I possibly just plug a wireless "N" usb adapter into the 360 such as the linksys WUSB600N or the WUSB300N and use that? Explination anyone?

Thanks again!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    The WRT54G is a great router if you have DD-WRT firmware, but I also just upgraded from that to a D-Link 655. Regardless of which router you upgrade to, as long as it's n it will be backwards compatible with b and g (and maybe even a if you pay enough).

    If you run the router in mixed mode you can connect any of your b and g wireless devices with it, including your laptop and your 360 wireless adapter (which supports a, b, and g). Unfortunately your xbox live content won't necessarily be faster because they'll still conntect at a/b/g speeds, but you will have a stronger signal and better signal quality, so streaming media might be slightly better.

    Also, I am not aware of any wireless USB adapters that will work for the 360 that are b/g much less for the new draft n standard. I had a hard time shelling out $100 for the microsoft adapter for xbox, so I did my research first.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No, it's not possible Xbox 360 only works with the official Microsoft Wireless Network Adapter

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wireless routers can be set to run in a mixed mode(using A/G/N together) which allows legacy support for your laptops and other wireless adapters

    However, if you run only in N, I do not believe your wireless adapter will work

    So, just set yourself to a mixed mode and youre good to go

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