My girl feels "unsure" if im making her happy. She loves music , Some songs for this situation please?

Mostly HipHop, R&B, or soft rock. English OR Spanish is fine, Any kind of spanish dachata She loves that. But most spanish is fine. Regeton(if thats how you spell it) isnt her type (i.e. Noche De Entiero, etc.) But if you know a song thats absolutely perfect for this, post it, even if its not one of these types. Thank you so much :D

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    1 decade ago
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    ok any song that a guy sings you could dedicate to her. something from the ha=eart. even your fav song. would do. i dont know what songs to say but i would lean more trds the guy singing to a girl. then a girl singing to a guy. something that has emoition.

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