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I am terrified of looking at pictures of big waves?

I am really scared of looking at a picture, a movie, or anything i see or watch that has big waves. ( im not talking about seeing an actual huge wave i'm ok with that i guess) There is something about looking at a huge wave on tv, it makes me feel claustrophobic,and somehow weight is pushind down on me in a wierd way.... I START TO FREAK OUT. I also have dreams all the time about water tooo .. help?

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    This means that you may well feel that you are being overwhelmed, emotionally. One thing you can do is to visualise yourself, as vividly as possible, and with as much passion as you can muster, holding your breath, and swimming through the wave to the surface, followed by a deep breath. If alone, try all 3 physically, as well. Look for reasons why you should feel like this, in your life. See dream analysis, in section 3, at Seek therapy, if it persists, to address the cause.

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    okay face it by buying some music that has the sound of waves in it, then slowly peek at a picture of waves really small ones at first,and dreams about water are good if the water is clear,that means a mental cleansing,I was terrified of sea creatures mostly sharks and I treated myself of that fear since I know what to do ,good luck on that ,bless you and it will pass if you make it

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    I'm afraid of looking into DEEP WATER...I don't know where it came from, looking into deep water or underwater pictures did NOT make it don't look at waves. I don't look into deep water or watch underwater pictures. Simple. ( it also might help if you have some therapy to understand WHY it bothers you...)

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    spend more time at the beach. Get used to the water and spend more time in it. Show your mind that there is nothing to be scared of

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    So STOP LOOKING AT THEM! Very simple.

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