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Insurance: Better to start with a retail branch or go sell in people's homes?

I have sales experience, but no insurance sales experience. Which sales environment selling for someone like State Farm (branch) or New York Life (minus investment products, etc.) would you believe to build the best overall basis/skills for insurance sales? Which brings more overall job satisfaction (like to hear both view points)? What are the ups vs. downs? Which is more lucrative long-term? Any insight would be very helpful. Thank you!

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    selling an intangible like insurance is tough. of the two, life insurance sales is the toughest.

    if it were me starting all over again, I'd go w/ the state farm opportunity (they also sell life by the way). here's why. no one requires anyone to own a life insurance policy. it is a much harder sale and much harder to keep on the books than property and casualty policies.

    home, auto and business insurance is required in most instances. either the state or finance company or both require the owner of the property to purchase insurance. no insurance-no tags or car loan. no insurance-no mortgage. no insurance-no business loan or employees (work comp).

    both kind of sales can be lucrative over the long term. insurance is like any other occupation, some people don't make a lot of money doing it, some make a good living and still others make quite a bit of money.

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    People don't walk in to buy - you have to chase them down in their homes, or drag them in kicking and screaming.

    Insurance sales is HARD.

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