Who are the biggest land owners in America?

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    Here is a dated list of largest private landowners. Turner now owns over 2 million acres, but it pales in comparison to the 650 million acres owned by the Federal government. Hope this helps.

    1. Robert E. (Ted) Turner

    Lamont, Fla.

    1,800,000 acres in Colo., Fla., Ga., Kans., Nebr., N.M., Mont., Okla., S.C., S.D.

    Bison, farm, minerals, timber, tourism: $750 million

    2. Irving family

    Saint John, N.B.

    1,600,000 acres in Me. Timber: $400 million

    3. Archie (Red) Emmerson*

    Redding, Calif.

    1,500,000 acres in Calif. Timber: $1 billion

    4. Singleton family

    Santa Fe, N.M. and Beverly Hills, Calif.

    1,200,000 acres in Calif., N.M. Cattle: $100 million

    5. Pingree heirs

    Bangor, Me.

    960,000 acres in Me. Timber: $240 million

    6. King family heirs

    Kingsville, Tex.

    900,000 acres in Fla., Tex. Cattle, farm, horses, minerals, tourism: $750 million

    7. Reed family

    Seattle, Wash.

    770,000 acres in Calif., Ore., Wash. Timber: $775 million

    8. Allyn Ford

    Roseburg, Ore.

    750,000 acres in Calif., Ore. Timber: $450 million

    9. Lykes family

    Tampa, Fla.

    640,000 acres in Fla., Tex. Cattle, citrus: $1 billion

    10. Dolph Briscoe Jr.

    Uvalde, Tex.

    560,000 acres in Tex. Cattle, farm, minerals: $150 million

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    biggest, by far, is the Federal government.

    others that I've heard are fairly large [but nowhere close to the Feds]:

    paper companies [the wood comes from somewhere]

    Ted Turner has recently bought a fair bit of land -- i think he's still a lot smaller than the paper companies

    St. Joe Company [real estate developer]

    Catholic Church

    McDonald's [over 10,000 of the most valuable "street corners" in America]

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  • Ted Turner

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    Ted Turner - he owns most of Montana

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    The King ranch in south Texas is WAY big.

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    ME~!!! lol.

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