25 U.S Military Officers Challenge offical account of 9/11, wat do you think of this?

January 14, 2008 – Twenty-five former U.S. military officers have severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and called for a new investigation. They include former commander of U.S. Army Intelligence, Major General Albert Stubblebine, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Col. Ronald D. Ray, two former staff members of the Director of the National Security Agency; Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, and Major John M. Newman, PhD, and many others. They are among the rapidly growing number of military and intelligence service veterans, scientists, engineers, and architects challenging the government’s story.

“A lot of these pieces of information, taken together, prove that the official story, the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is a bunch of hogwash. It’s impossible,” said Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret). [1]


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    Good info. At this time,I believe that whatever proof supporting this theory it will never be proof enough for some. There are many scientists,physicists,former govt. workers who say this and it all silenced and quickly thought of as absurd. I have posted this before but it is really good.

    Five Reasons To Deny 911 Was An Inside Job

    By Douglas Herman

    Exclusive to Rense.com




    Comfortable people do not dissent. They rarely question authority, unless overwhelmed by fleeting pangs of conscience or momentary madness. Why would any self-satisfied comfortable person want to discomfort themselves? The whole purpose of a comfortable person is to acquire more comfort or to ensure a perpetual state of comfort. Why would comfortable people, contented with their place in the world--

    a comfortable home, a well-paid job, respect within their community--

    want to upset that equilibrium? Why would any comfortable person question his government about circumstances he cannot control? Why risk discomfort, disapproval, suspension from work and community scorn simply to question something like 911 that cannot be changed? To a comfortable person, that makes no sense at all.

    2. Complacency.

    Complacent people rarely make waves, create dissension, cause an uproar. They prefer not to talk about politics and religion, nor to do any independent thinking. Because a complacent mind is a safe mind. Complacent people prefer "to get along to go along," to swim with the tide, to run with the herd, to blow with the wind. They like to mind their own business which, on the face of it, seems like common sense and the safe thing to do. Because to get passionately involved in any cause or belief

    (aside from sports)

    would require a lapse of complacency. Complacency, unlike comfort, requires a more practiced inertia. To accept the state or the status quo, with mild complaint--

    but only the mildest, acceptable complaint--and plod along like herd animals. To dare question the state, or debate popular consensus, is not only foolish and insane but borderline treasonable to the complacent citizen.

    3. Cowardice

    Cowardice is the most understandable of denials of 911. It is convenient to deny 911 out of fear, because to do otherwise, to look at the evidence presented by the most powerful empire in the world, requires a heretical leap of independent thought. A mental insurrection worthy of revolutionaries, pioneers, patriots and outraged citizens. But cowards cannot sift the evidence and arrive at an independent conclusion. They have been beaten and cowed and, at most, can only cringe and howl in derision from the rear. At every original thought or contrary opinion

    (contrary to the state and the corporate media that is),

    they howl and scurry away, anonymously. At best, their children may lead them, by example, into a braver realm of thought.

    4. Conviction

    Conviction--to be convinced of one's rightness---

    and the courage to assert it, is admirable even if one is proven wrong eventually. A great many believers

    (in the official story)

    are as convinced of the Kean Commission version of 911, as we skeptics are of their error. These believers claim, with many, many intelligent professionals to back up their claims, that steel does weaken and melt from fuel fires and big buildings do indeed collapse, that falling concrete does indeed pulverize into micro-sized dust particles, that incompetence does not necessary indicate evil.

    We truthers, in turn, claim the mass of incriminating evidence overwhelms the experts and trumps their testimony. So who is more right? Time will tell. But the only way we will ever convince these true believers

    (our co-workers, friends and family)

    of the falsity in the official, government version of 911 is to show them what a lying, poisonous, murderous, mercenary, fear-mongering, war-mongering, fascistic group they have put their faith in. And every day more and more disgruntled citizens are becoming convinced we may have a point.

    5. Collusion

    A secret activity undertaken by two or more people for the purpose of FRAUD.

    The definition of collusion. The US media colludes every day. They collude with the White House or Pentagon or State Department to perpetrate some fraud or other. And many of us collude right along with them. The smallest group of 911 deniers, numbering several million, which I call the Colluders, includes many who have worked for the US government, still work for the US government, receive huge chunks of money from that government to fund their work, depend on contracts from the US government and, more often than not, support the official US government line. Many of them, working high in the US government--NSA, FBI, CIA, Pentagon officials---

    know exactly what happened on 911 but keep quiet. Colluding all the way to the bank. Privately they may not agree with many aspects of the official version but, publicly, they will NOT utter a single statement, will NOT go on record, publicly, with a single dissenting word. Not while there is money to be made. And so, of all the 911 deniers, they are most complicit with the crime.

    Comfort. Complacency. Cowardice. Conviction. Collusion. And sometimes a combination of all of them.

    Footnote: A tip of the cap to those activists at 911Blogger.com Not only do I read the columns posted there but the remarks (an addiction) and sneers from the trolls. This column is dedicated to the 911 activists everywhere, in recognition of the five types of people you run up against every day--and I mean against.

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    I think you are stretching the truth. You see if you go deeper past the link you gave, then you will find out that Allen Miller the writer on OP ED (which is well known for being extreme left and /or pro-conspiracy) has his own web site dedicated to his conspiracy theory. And here is one of his quotes:

    "Many well known and respected senior U.S. military officers, intelligence services and law enforcement veterans, and government officials have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report or have made public statements that contradict the Report. Several even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11"

    Many well known and respected.....Several even allege...

    You see he uses double speak. And we Understand that we don't know everything about what happened on 9-11-01.

    But we also understand that the 911 commission has got it pretty close, still a few unanswered questions and we may never know since the terrorists who actually carried out the mission are all dead.

    Should we have a new investigation? Well for every claim that there was an American conspiracy, there are 100 claims that there wasn't. And your claims are debunked by people as knowledgeable in their fields as the ones you name or your writer names. So keep digging, maybe you'll find Jimmy Hoffa too.

    Source(s): SFC US Army Retired
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've heard some interesting, some crazy, and some just plain weird conspiracy theories before but....

    lately I've keep hearing this conspiracy theory about President Bush or the government was behind the 9/11 attacks

    so that they would have an excuse to invade Afganistan.

    So my question is.... does anyone actually believe this C+ college student, who has difficulty pronouncing

    every 5th word, somehow engineered the crime of the century, and in addition to that got at least 10-20

    other like minded conservative religious republicans people to go along with it , killing 3,000+ Americans,

    cost his own country hundreds of Billions, all so he would have an excuse to invade a country that has

    absolutely nothing (not even oil), but dirt and a bunch of poor muslims? (Afganistan) .

    And in addition to above, he did it so well that no evidence exists, just a bunch of conspiracy therories.

    Now really, does this make any sense what-so-ever?


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  • 1 decade ago

    John G. is right. There are thousands upon thousands of retired and former military officers out there. There are also thousands of active duty officers out there. So in terms of relativity, you are probably talking about the opinion of less than 1/2 of 1% if even that.

    Source(s): Air Force NCO (me)
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    Gee! Thanks Colonel Bowman. I'm a retired officer too. And I lost two people I knew who were on the plane which hit the Pentagon. I even went to their funeral. That's my reality. Not a bunch of "bull session" information about things from those who weren't affected and can look at tragic events with absolute detachment. I wish I could buy into their story. But, I can't.

    Source(s): Retired Navy Officer.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There are thousands of former officers out there. Why do these 25 carry so much weight? You also put up that they have Phds. So what? A doctor of philosophy? Doctor Condaleeza Rice thinks otherwise and she has access to far more information than they do.

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  • Bob D
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    1 decade ago

    and how many other officers think they are morons? And PhD does not prove a person knows what they are talking about. It is also underestimating the enemy and that is just as stupid.

    14 plus years in the military and 30 plus years in the sciences

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    CLAIM: Some military leaders supposedly said that 9-11 was an inside job

    FACTS: (1) No credible reference is given, so it can’t be determined if these people are real. If they are real, how can we tell if they really said it?

    (2) Even if they did say this, so what? Since only a handful of military people are quoted, I assume the other 100,000 military persons think that 9-11 was NOT an inside job. That’s a pretty impressive number of people against the conspiracy theory!

    (3) It's not a military question. It's a question of civil engineering, and the experts have spoken.

    Every single expert (in demolition & engineering), on the face of the earth, who has published a journal article on 9/11, has rejected the conspiracy "science."

    You can't find single, solitary, lone engineer who has published an article, in a real journal, in favor of the conspiracy. It’s really amazing.

    This is a powerful fact that effectively puts an end to the conspiracy tales.

    -- The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) http://www.asce.org/pressroom/news/display_press.c...

    -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology. See http://web.mit.edu/civenv/wtc/

    --NIST (National Institute on Science and Technology):


    Also see the lead investigator of NIST explain the collapse at


    Click on "Impact to Collapse"

    -- The leading demolition journal in the world is against the conspiracy theorists:




    -- Purdue (http://www.purdue.edu/UNS/html4ever/020910.Sozen.P...

    --Professor Bazant (Northwestern Dept of Civil Engineering) is one of only 14 people to win the Prager Award in engineering. He first described the collapse mechanism as follows: http://www.debunking911.com/ProgressiveCollapseWTC...

    --FEMA along with American Society of Civil Engineers, did an extensive analysis of the WTC collapse (ASCE/FEMA World Trade Center Building Performance Study (BPS) Team)


    It’s useful to see the investigation team & their credentials at: http://www.asce.org/responds/wtc_team.cfm

    -- Popular Mechanics published a huge article citing 300 renowned experts in demolition & engineering.


    -- Columbia University has permanent seismographic recorders that was running on 9/11 which clearly show no explosives during the collapse of Towers 1 & 2, or of WTC7 . See page 2 of


    --The “American Society of Civil Engineers” & the “Structural Engineering Institute” (both are non-governmental) investigated the Pentagon crash. Their report is called "The Pentagon Performance Report" & it’s at:


    -- Scientific American. See


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  • Mike S
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    1 decade ago

    In any group of individuals you are always going to find some nuts. Conspiricy theories are the stuff of life to some people. Even the Armed Forces has it nuts.

    Source(s): First Sergeant, US Army retired
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LOL you got that off opednews, that is a biased site. There are only 187 architects and engineers that agree with you while there are alot more than 125,000 that agree with me. So who am i going to believe?

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  • 1 decade ago

    What do I think of this? It's total garbage, for the reasons given above by the other answerers.

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