What jobs can I pursue with a Finance major? Is Finance Boring?

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    A finance major is very broad. Finance is only boring if you dont enjoy it. I love my job as a hedge fund accountant for an investment bank. It is always challenging and interesting. I can imagine a portfolio manager/trader role would be anything but boring. Could be stressful though.

    - if your grades are good you could move into investment banking. Striking deals and managing the deal process is a big money field (100k first year out with 500k bonuses commonplace)

    - research analyst

    - trader (equity, derivatives, bonds)

    - you could even move into accounting if you have enough accountancy subjects in your course

    Further list of jobs below:





    Bond Manager

    Budget Analyst

    Business Analyst

    Business Credit/Loan Specialist

    Claim Adjuster/Examiner

    Collection Agent

    Commodities Trader

    Consumer Credit/Loan Officer

    Credit Counselor

    Customer Service Representative


    External Auditor

    Financial Analyst

    Financial Economist

    Financial Planner

    Government Official

    Industrial/Institutional Buyer

    Insurance Agent/Broker

    Internal Auditor

    International Trade Specialist

    Inventory Control Specialist

    Inventory Data Manager

    Investment Broker

    Investment Researcher

    Management Accountant

    Market Research Analyst

    Marketing Representative

    Pension Fund Manager

    Portfolio Analyst

    Property Manager

    Public Practice Accountant

    Rate Analyst

    Real Estate Developer

    Real Estate Salesperson/Broker

    Securities Analyst

    Securities Broker

    Special Agent

    Systems Analyst

    Treasury Management Specialist

    Trust Analyst

    All of the above would MAY require further study. For example CFA for the first 3 and CPA for accounting.

    Source(s): Im an accountant for an investment bank. List from: http://www.ashland.edu/cardev/documents/Finance_00...
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    I think it's boring. You can get lots of jobs with a finance degree, banking, investment and financial services, budgeting, I just can't imagine it being very fun.

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    Bank manager.

    It's not boring if you have a great personality and good ambition and are able to climb the ladder.

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    Accounts Payable/Receivable

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    The only thing fun about it is being the CFO of a large company. These people have incomes in the millions of dollars. Money is never boring!

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