Heath Ledger?

I know this is more of a statement than a question. I loved Heath Ledger and still do. Please post something here as a tribute to him and it will be greatly appreciated.

♥Rest in peace Heath Ledger♥

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    This is my tribute to Heath Ledger

    10 things i loved about Heath Ledger (not in order)

    1. I loved his cheeky grin

    2. I loved his humble nature

    3. I love his singing in Ten Things I Hate About You

    4. I love the way he loved his family, friends and his country

    5. I loved his true passion for acting

    6. I love how he has inspired many people

    7. I love how he travelled his journey trying to do it the right way and the way he wanted to

    8. I love how he challenged himself and strived to achieve

    9. I love how he was so natural


    10. I love how he was the only person he ever could be, and that was, Heath Ledger

    but there is one thing i hate

    1. that he will never get the chance to show the world everything he had in him, he had much more to show the world but his time was cut short, which leaves his daughter deprived of her father, and many people left grieving, including not only his family and friends but those who saw him and looked up to him, his fans, collegues and the swarm of people around the world who almost forgot that he was mortal too, this tragedy shows us, that life is precious and we shouldnt forget that, so many lives are taken each day, so sometimes it may be hard but try not to take yours for granted

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    He was one of the most talented actors out there. He wasn't the guy who was always out in the Hollywood spotlight, but he was actually a normal and likeable guy. One that you could probably relate to. It's a shame that an accidental overdose may have taken away such a valuable life. He was one of my favorite actors and he will be greatly missed by all. I also hope they make a tribute to him in "The Dark Knight".

    Also if any of you are interested there is a video posted on yahoo.com right now in the entertainment section. It is Heath's dad and the Ledger family commenting on him.

    RIP Heath Ledger

  • Sharyn
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    4 years ago

    Its terrible about Heath Ledger and the news is still so hard to swallow. He was a very talented actor and many people loved and enjoyed his work. He was great in Candy if anyones seen that. Hillarious in A Knights Tale and The Brothers Grimm. He was wonderful in The Patriot and beyond excellent in Brokeback Mountain. His talent will be missed greatly.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Heath Ledger was one of the brightest actors I've seen in a long time. I loved watching him as a fan, and loved watching him as an actress. He was so smart about the roles he chose that his resume was so extremely eclectic. Heath just seemed like such a lovable guy and had an wonderful spirit to him. I know he will be greatly missed by everyone around. It is so sad to lose someone that great at such a young age. It's also very sad that Matilda will never see her father again. At that age, I know she won't be able to comprehend what's going on and it's crushing to think that. Thankfully his memory will last on, and in the future, hopefully she will be able to find out what a great man he truly was.

    Rest in Peace Heath Ledger. We will all miss you very dearly.

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    Heath was not only a great actor, but a truly great human being. He knew so much more about life than most people. He was truly a beautiful and wise soul. It's tragic that he died so young, and died alone as well. He was always searching for a higher meaning, something that is so hard to find in this cruel world,. Because he was so much more understanding than most people, he had a hard time (suffering from anxiety, etc.) He truly understood that he was on a spiritual journey. May he be blessed forever, and may he find true happiness wherever he is now.

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    Becides Heath Ledgers death, I have never cried over a celebrity before, but i like was histerical this time. I decorated my whole wall Heath pictures, and this weekend me and my friends are going out and renting,1)Candy 2)Brokeback Mountain and last but NEVER least 3)10 things i hate about you, as a tribute. celebrirties. Rest In Peace, Heath. You are greatly missed :(((((

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    Heath Ledger was an amazing actor and was a really all around great guy. On interviews he always seemed so sweet and he was really handsome. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and fans. May he rest in peace. <3

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    I also loved Heath Ledger, he was a great actor and a great dad to his only daughter. He had so much potential and I never expected to see him die especially the way they claimed he died. It's still so shocking to know he's gone and I don't believe all of these reports.

    Rest In Peace Heath, Gone Forever, Gone too Soon.

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    In this day and age of people having fame undeservedly I can honestly say I didn't mind whenever there was a story about Heath! He was an excellent actor and my same age and yet so responsible and wasn't always acting up like you see so many young Hollywood types. For the first time in a long time I was actually sad to see someone I didn't know personally pass because I feel like we really lost something and I remember hearing someone say they were sad for all the roles he won't get to play now and last but not least his daughter Matilda that won't get to have her daddy anymore.

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    Heath was amazing and not afraid to take chances. Not only a great actor but an all around good person. Rest in peace, Heath. Watch over your family and help them get through this hard time. Matilda will know how much you loved her.

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