Does anyone know children of mitchell langford?

Mitchell was born in 1911 in Tennessee. His daughter (my grandma) is trying to find the children from his first marriage. she would love to know her half-siblings. She believes his first wife's name was mary. They had 3 children together. 2 sons and 1 daughter. One son's name could be steve. She also believes one of the sons was in the airforce, and lived in Florida. None of the information on the wife or children is solid, she doesn't know anything about them for sure. Please contact me at if u may have ANY info.

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    Mitchell Langford is in the SSDI as born June 5, 1911 and died Aug 1983. His last residence was 29045 Elgin, Kershaw, South Carolina, United States of America.

    His Social Security Number was: 375-01-8938 and was acquired in Michigan prior to 1951.

    As his daughter, his grandmother should be able to access his entire Social Security File (check with your local social security office). That may have some information.

    Also found him in the 1930 census where he was living with his brother (he was listed with the first name "Mitchel") and was single. Of course he would only have been about 19 at that time but at least you know he wasn't married before 1930.

    That's all I could dig up. Hope it helps a little.

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    You should first try to obtain his marriage license. In what state or, more importantly, county would he have been married?

    If he was married in Tennessee, see this page from the Tennessee State Library and Archives for details on finding it. (Cross your fingers that he was married after 7/1/1945 because those records are indexed statewide by the groom's name.)

    Once you find the bride's name, you will have a better time searching for birth records. I don't think they would be private, according to this from the Vital Records Office:

    "Most information from Tennessee births, deaths, marriages, and divorces is public information. Requests for the public information should be made in writing to the Vital Records office. You must provide enough information so that our staff can locate the record for which you want the public information. The fee is $12.00 per record per year searched. This fee is charged for the search for the record and is not refunded even if no record is found. The Vital Records Office keeps birth records for 100 years and keeps death, marriage, and divorce records for 50 years; after that time, the records are sent to the Tennessee State Library and Archivesfor public access and family research."

    Tennessee Vital Records

    Central Services Building

    1st Floor

    421 5th Avenue North

    Nashville, Tennessee 37243

    Phone (615) 741-1763

    FAX (615) 741-9860

    You can also take a look at this page, for other Tennessee resources:

    If he was married in Michigan, you MAY be able to get a copy of his marriage license, but not the children’s birth records. See this page for more details:,1607,7-132-4645---,...

    Other strategies to consider:

    If you know where the family lived, search for old telephone books OR, more importantly, city directories. City directories sometimes listed the children. See to search what libraries have. If you do find a relevant directory, perhaps the librarian at that library will do a look-up for you.

    Also see cyndislist re: City Directories:

    Do you have a copy of his obituary? It may have listed his children. Try contacting the public library nearest to where he died to see if they have newspapers or obituaries on file.

    Did his first wife die? Or were they divorced? You may be able to find divorce records if they are indexed by his last name. Check with the county where they were most likely to be divorced.

    If the first wife died, check with the most likely library to see if they have an index of local deaths. If that is too much research for the library to do, check online to see if the local genealogical society has volunteers who will help you.

    Can your grandmother see a copy of his will? I would think it would mention all the children….?

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