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Which one of these is most likely to happen next year?

Tim Tebow repeats as Heisman Winner....

LSU repeats as National Champion....

Ohio State makes it to the title game....and loses

A team with at least one loss wins the National Championship....

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    I believe that a team with at least one loss for the regular season could possibly win the so-called "National Championship", mostly due to the fact that parity has come to college football at the major level in this country.

    Over the past two seasons, we have seen some very interesting things happen in college football, such as Wake Forest rising to become a respectable football team, and this past season, both Kansas and Missouri rising to make quite a season in the sport.

    From what I've seen over the past two seasons, it would not be unexpected for a team with at least one loss for the regular season to win the "National Championship".

    Thank you.

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    A team with one loss wins the National Championship.

    Tebow's Heisman stock will be distilled next year because Florida will have featured back Emmanuel Moody, a transfer from USC. Tebow will still rush a lot, but it will be reduced considerably now that Moody will be playing.

    LSU is losing too much this year, especially from their monster defense. I just don't see that happening. Maybe in a few more years.

    As for Ohio State. I could see them making a title game. Call me an idiot, but if they aren't playing an SEC team, they could be the one loss team to win it. Just my two cents. Do I think it will happen? No. But it could.

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    Most likey - A team w/ at least one loss wins the "National Championship."

    Ohio State will lose to both USC and Michigan next year, so no "title game" for them next year.

    LSU will have at least 3 losses next year, possibly 4 if they schedule a decent out of conference team their 3rd game of the year(it's still open).

    Tim Tebow will not repeat as the Heisman winner. There are way too many obstacles next year in Gainesville. 1.) Urban Cryer will bring in Newton a lot more next year, like he did 2 years ago with Tebow. Plus as ufwalk07 mentioned, UF will have Moody(USC's reject) in their backfield next year, so he'll get a few of Tebow's carries. Tebow will still rack up TD's though, but no statue of a man w/ a leather helmet for him next year...

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    Tim Tebow repeats as Heisman winner

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    The most likely one out of those is Ohio State losing in the title game

    Because Sam Bradford is going to win the Heisman

    LSU will lose to both Florida and Gerogia next year at least

    And OU will win the National Championship going 14-0

    it might not all happen but I can hope

    Source(s): OU fan
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    Tim Tebow repeats heisman winner.

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    ohio state makes it to the title game and loses to a one loss lsu team again

    but tebow wont win the heisman because he'll break his neck in the lsu game

    that sounds about right

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    a team with at least one loss wins the national championship b/c not only the BCS ranked teams are winning in college football..i mean look at this years championship..there isnt any true dominating team coming up the rankings, and there is goingto be alot of the good defensive players going in this years draft.

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    Tim Tebow repeats as Heisman, becasue Ohio State is going to go undefeated and win the Championship. duhhh

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    A team with at least one loss wins the National Championship....

    Prolly USC

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