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Drug testing?

I was wondering, what is the difference between non-DOT and DOT drug testing.

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    A DOT drug screen is federally mandated. That means that the federal government had guidelines that the company requesting the test has to follow. Usually large companies use the DOT tests. The non-DOT is used mostly by smaller companies that want to make sure you aren't on the "usual" drugs. The DOT uses a larger panel, such as a 10 panel drug screen that tests for a larger range of drugs. The non-DOT is sometimes a 5 panel and tests for the more commonly used drugs.

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    D.O.T. Drug Screen:

    A D.O.T. drug screen is a screen that tests a specimen for five drugs (Opiates, PCP, Amphetamines, Marijuana and Cocaine) A D.O.T. approved chain of custody form is used during the collection process and a split sample is collected and both specimens are forwarded to the laboratory for testing. Once the laboratory completes the testing process the result is forwarded to the Medical Review Officer (MRO) for review. Following the MRO's review, results are reported to the designated reporting agency.

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    DOT checks for a much broader range of chemicals, non dot is usually certain things or general......

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