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Christians and jews,are you proud of your support of Israel crimes against humanity?

I have nothing against the jews.i dont care about politics,but the jewish state of israel has been committing crime after crime against humanity.I felt puking when i read this,so thought to ask how do you feel about it


Israel did not exist before 1948.It established itself as a country by a military invasion and occupation , ethnic cleansing followed of thousands of natives-palestinians.

Since then they fire missiles,rockets and bombs from US-made aircrafts on a daily basis on palestinains who are unarmed civilinan nation;that is why they resort to suicide attacks and plastic-made primitive christmas-like so called rockets

Update 2:

Guys,ask yourself

Why some palestinians fire those primitive rockets on southern Israel ?

Read the history of how israel was established.

You should condemn those Bearded Jewish zealots who oppose any peace deal and quote a nonsensical biblical justification for it "God promised that land to Abraham and it will reap a curse on the US if they intervene to share the land"

Why dont you condemn this jewish terrorism? It is unfair to say that Terrorism and extremism exist only on one side.

Update 3:

Am for the peaceful approach and nothing more.I want both the jews and palestinians live in peace and dignity but we got to have the guts to condemn terrorism and extremism wherever it is.

Update 4:

Terry,oh please tell me you're kidding !

Your agument works in favor of mine still.

Does history say Britain colonized a country called Israel or palestine?

Britain was an accomplice in sneaking the land by to the jews and preparing them to defend the "robbed land".

Palestine has never been officially a country.It has no army (because it is occupied,why would the occupier allow it to have an army?),it is not a seperate piece of land.Israel made sure to insert settlements among palestinian homes so they dont feel they live seperately;there are military posts at the end of every street and intersection.

they have been just a scattered civilian community,so how in hell could they carry an aggression unless you mistake them for china.

The link below contains thourough videos of all that history;_ylt=As5LW...

Update 5:

Greg M

the last thing i will think about is belonging to any organized religion

i worked for the red cross in Lebanon for 2 years till summer 2006.I saw and had to walk over hundreds of burnt bodies due the israeli horrible bomings of lebanon that year,absolutely disgusting

Update 6:


when i have to choose between united nations reports and international legal experts and your biased personal blog with you being jewish,whom do you want me to believe.

See how respected legal jewish experts contradict you and spoke the truth

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    actually this is not the first forced exodus of palestinians from their place to outside neighbouring arab countries,there has been at least 3 or 4 major exodus to jordan,lebanon,syria,egypt and iraq where they live in dirty overcrowded camps for decades with little hope for a solution to their problem.

    worse everytime they have to flee,israel forbids them from returning.

    when i was visiting israel in 1998 an arab man approached me and asked that i hear his story and report it to the press(i was holding a camera and may be he tought am journalist)

    at that time,i didnt know much about the conflict,i asked my jewish guide and he only gave me an ambiguous answer,for me,he was clearly dodging,it is only when i came back and made my own research to explain the status of an arab man living in israel.

    the man was a farmer living in palestine with his kids,mother and all brothers,he spends his day in an neighbouring field,go to mosque then come back home at night.

    As in a flashback movie,suddenly the man found himself in a jewish neighbourhood surrounded by jewish shops and signs,there is no field,there is no mosque anymore.

    this story shows that at least parts of palestine was occupied by israel and turned into jewish settlments.The man was allowed to live in israel but he is not an israeli citizen and has very little rights,could not visit his relatives on the other side of the wall for years.

    Now palestinians feel their lands were taken from them and if they dont retaliate or attack,the world will forget about their issue.the man told me that there were many years where palestinians didnt carry a single attack,but nothing changed their situation and that israel likes that status-quo.

    He told me that israel is also controlled by religious leaders who obstruct any compromise on Torah grounds.

    Only the united states can help break a deal,but it calls for a firm stand towards those religious groups who obstruct peace.

    No am not proud of that kinda support at the expense of thousands of innocent people suffering as punishement for the few of them.

    a solution like some compromise or something is desperately needed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You need to review your history lessons. What occured in the 1960's was this:

    The land was controlled by Britain. Britain did not allow the Jews to possess weapons or to form an army until they turned control of the land over to the Jews.

    The Jews, apparently, recognized their situation and began stockpiling weapons before Britian turned possession over to them. In so doing, they were prepared to defend themselves against an attack.

    The attack came the day Britain stepped away. Instead of being over run by their attackers, they pushed the aggressors back into their borders and moved deeper into that land and took possession of a portion of it. The Jews did not attack, they counter-attacked. There is a difference.

    Now, look at more recent history. Time after time, Israel has been attacked by Palestine. Israel retaliated. Palestine "cried" and Israel withdrew. The agression has, generally speaking, been on the part of the Palestinians, not Israel.

    Do I support Israel? I'm not sure. But, I will not even suggest that anyone take away their ability / right to defend themselves against forgien agression.



    How could Britian have colonized a country called Palestine if, as you say, Palestine has never been a country?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ever wondered why EGYPT has ALSO put up a solid wall to keep their Muslim brethren out?

    Ever wondered why, when Egypt occupied Gaza, prior to 1967, she MINED the borders so that the Palestinians couldn't get into Egypt?

    Israeli civilians are DYING. The people of the town Sderot want to evacuate; they cannot live normal lives and they are watching children being hurled into walls by rocket attacks; Palestinians EVERY DAY try to slip through the checkpoints so they can detonate their vile bombs in crowded Israeli restaurants, hospitals and schools.

    Israel = 0.01% of the middle east

    80% of the region that was Palestine ALREADY WENT TO the Palestinian Arabs; does the name JORDAN ring any bells, hmmmm?

    ANYONE want to know a bit about how the Muslim countries treated Jews BEFORE Israel?

    Check out:

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  • 1 decade ago

    It amases me nobody ever asks why do some palestinians fire rockets as if it is just a hobby or they like to do so.

    Palestinians suffer decades of occupation,seige,humiliation,shoved into a narrow area,surrounded by barbed wired walls from every corner so they cant go anywhere to get their basic needs.For them,those attacks are an expression of anger and a protest.

    The first time there was a real and fair democracy in the Arab and muslim world,US and Israel rallied the whole world against palestinians,embargoed them,freezed their foreign money,put the whole palestininan nation under seige and collective hunger punishment so the legimate democratic government of palestine fails and its people turn against it.Sadly,that what happened and palestinians are now suffering seige,hunger and driven to fight each other.

    This human cost is also planned and the culprits dont care in the same way they didnt care about victims of katrina.

    For them it's just a game

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Here is a direct quote for the article that you sourced:

    "It's refusing to lift the blockade until Palestinian militants abandon their daily rocket attacks on southern Israel "

    If you want goods and services to flow from Israel then stop throwing rockets at them, or SHUT THE HELL UP.

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  • 1 decade ago

    To hell with them both!!!!!! They both commit crimes against each other!!!!!!!!

    I wish the United States would stop wasting the US tax payers money and giving Israel 13 billion in guaranteed funds a year!!!!! For what????!!!! They have no oil!!! They are not strategically important - Turkey is mush more important and they cannot give us any material support in the Iraq or anywhere else in the Mid East. Let them fend for themselves – make their own weapons and money. And anybody that really wants to support Israel in this country why don’t you go move there and stop manipulating our government – we don’t need you.

    I have not said much about Palestine because we don’t give them much to begin with, but to hell with them too.

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  • 1 decade ago

    firing rockets at towns is worse than setting up an embargo.

    don't try to lessen the rockets by calling them "primitive"...they're killing hundreds of people.

    Israel has always been open to negotiations -unless the other side admits that a deal with them won't bring peace. also, Israel won't give back "territories" if doing that would be suicide. Israel gave back Sinai because Egypt wasn't going to kill them the minute they got the land. and the term "occupation" is inaccurate.

    also, please read this:

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  • 1 decade ago

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the sanctions happened in response to Palestinians firing rockets into the homes and businesses of innocent Israelis - sorry you're buying into all the rhetoric, but it seems Israel is taking the more peaceful approach!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    (Yawn) Yeah, this is the first time I've read something like this on YA << (sarcasm)

    And I suppose it's not a crime against humanity for the Palestinians to hurl rockets into Israel on a daily basis?

    Lastly, what do you want us to do about it?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What makes you think every Christian supports Israel wholeheartedly?

    I don't. I think it's cool that someone broke down the wall so people could get food and concrete. At least one reporter was amazed that that's what people were going for--that and to visit relatives.

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