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All my girl wants is sex :S?

i never thought id see myself saying this but all my girlfriend seems to want from me is sex! im 19 and shes 18 and we have been together for about a year and a half, the relationships been good for the most part but as its prgressed we've stopped doing things together and all we do is meet up during the week n have sex and on weekends she works and partys with her friends, like she never has time to spend any quality time with me but has the time to see her freinds all the time. i mentioned to her a few months ago that we dont do anything with each other and she said she was busy with study and work and that she hasnt got much time but shes finished school now and things still havnt changed. im not a needy guy but i jus feel i need a lil bit of quality time not much.. what should i do?


like i love the sex its amazing but i jus hate thinking that we cant have fun with eachother in other ways.

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    The best thing you can do is just talk to her about it.

    Calmly (and as masculinely as possible) explain to her that you want more out of your relationship than just sex and that you feel you are being used. There's a possibility that she may just be trying to substitute sex for emotion because she's insecure and she thinks you'll like her more for all the sex and none of the other trouble. Or maybe she doesn't recognize what you're feeling. She probably doesn't expect a guy to really want that much emotional involvement.

    If this doesn't work, then try denying her sex for a time, while still spending time with her (be a tease, girls do it all the time).

    If that doesn't work, drop her and find a girl who makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

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    I think she sees u as very good in bed but boring elsewhere

    I cant believe u r sad about having that

    U r the luckiest guy living, many would like to trade places with u

    Hangout with ur friends man and then go to bed with this wonderful gf


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    well...that is tough question because...what most men o want is sex but what you have to do is sit down with your girlfriend and tell her that all you guys are doin in yous spare time is sex instead or enriching the relationship with new dates new places to go and find out if whats happening is that shes using you for your manhood.

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    Hmmmm... Im slightly humored by the insinuating factors of view. besides... sure ladies no longer all ladies prefer intercourse. i think of that dropping your virginity formerly your waiting in spite of what statures you base it on is stupid. you prefer it because of fact WHY? in case you prefer to detect the "precise woman" you will... doesnt propose she would be or wont be a virgin yet you'll be comfortable with the 1st woman. She could be somebody specific to you, she'll be an substantial first on your existence although, I nevertheless think of the form you state your seize 22 situation sounds extra like peer rigidity and to me ... that thoroughly makes you a flake. Answering your question... ladies like intercourse. My concept is that each and every man or woman man or woman has their very very own sexualchronic. You cant merely anticipate all adult men are into intercourse as much as a minimum of one yet another. merely an identical with ladies. ladies esp at this age are very hormonal and extremely emotional. oftentimes ladies could sense enjoyed with a view to have intercourse. There are some women individuals who savour open informal intercourse yet uncertain that advantages your standards. merely think of that in line with hazard you could think of two times on why you sense the surprising could be clique authorized. Theres no longer something shameful approximately being an 18 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous male virgin. i think of its good, and as long as you stride in existence with self belief. How stupid will you sense in case you dunce some woman you dont like as long as she's "hott' to lose it, then next 3 hundred and sixty 5 days at school locate the female you somewhat care approximately and shes a virgin and you extraordinarily plenty tell her you lost your score to 3 city bicycle. in basic terms a final concept.

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    If all she wants is sex, then I'd make quality time a pre-requisite. Just muster enough willpower to get through a movie or something before you drop your pants/

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    Yeah like she said enjoy it!! Personally she doesnt know how lucky she is, a guy thats wanting a bit more than sex!! Lol lmao.

    On the more serious note.. should like keep trying with the more like quality time thing that ur wanting from her. And like if she really doesnt seem interested later on, you should rethink wat your really loving her for.


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    I think ur only interested in SEX but u wants to blame girls for that,if ur g/f wants to study and and work, u should encourage her for that.

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    Or most guys have this problem, haha.

    Clearly she just wants to keep you for sex?

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    may be she is just using you for sex so look for something else which can make you happy and may be just talk to her and see wat she is saying about all this and tell her this how you feel .......gud luck

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    Enjoy it?

    Most guys would love to have this 'problem'. :)

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