Heath Ledger...?

I absolutley loved him in every film i saw, he was a brilliant actor.. with a beautiful Smile..!! The classic teen movie 10 things, brilliant gay Brokeback, and hillarious Kinghts Tale.. Just to name a few..

Is any body else extremley saddened my the terrible news that Heath Ledger has passed away..??
Update: If you read reports is says that is was accidental..
Update 2: I read that his family in Australia actually found out by the news media.. Tragic.. RIP my thoughts are with his family and little Daughter..x
Update 3: **stevepokerfrog**
Its tragic because everybody who watched his films and admiered his as an actor are in complete shock. I know people pass every day and its a horrible thing.. Its just shocking thats why fans are upset.. NOT just because he was famous..
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