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10分~認真~幾個簡單ge science 問題~請用英文回答~

10分~幾個簡單ge science 問題~請用英文回答~



3.點解 do love 時唔把睪丸插埋入去?


5.d fluid from sex glands 可以保護d精子幾多日?


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    Chicken is a kind of birds that lay the fertilized egg after fertilization while human being is mammal that keep the fertilized egg inside the body instead. It is because the mothers of human beings can continuously provide enought food of the development of embryo.However, as chicken will lay their egg, the only way to provide suffcient food for embryo's development is to increase the food reserve inside the ovum. Resulting a larger size of the egg.


    After a sperm breaks through the membrance of an ovum and its nucleus fuse with that of the ovum, the thickness of the membrance of the ovum will greatly increase. Resulting a prevention of other entry of sperm.


    Epidiymis is only a place for sperm's storage. Sperm need to be mixed with seminal fluid before 'use'


    There are two reasons.

    A) Enhance the no. of survivor in the acidic medium in female reproductive tract.

    B) As a nature selection that only the best sperm can swim to the egg and have fertilization.


    the main usage for the seminal fluid is not the protect the sperms, may be you can said that it protect the sperms by neutralizing the acidity of the female reprodutive tract.

    for the sperm itself it can live for 2 to 8 days inside the female reproductive tract

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